Claude Lelouch has just atomized the entourage of Johnny Hallyday

In 2017, Johnny Hallyday breathed his last at the age of 74 after a long fight against illness. The star then left behind him relatives and thousands of tearful fans. His ultra-mediatized funeral was organized at the Madeleine church in Paris. In addition to the entourage and the public figures who were able to enter the building, a huge crowd had gathered around to pay him a final tribute.

But one scene had the merit of making headlines. As a reminder, Claude Lelouch, who knows the Hallyday clan well, immortalized – for his part – part of the ceremony. An approach that has ulcerated many of the admirers of Taulier. “It’s supposed to be a moment of contemplation, isn’t it? Why does he draw his camera and nobody tells him anything? » could we read on the Web. “It’s clearly voyeurism… It’s totally inappropriate”, “A little respect for the family. Now is not the time.”

This Sunday, October 9, 2022, listeners to RTLknow more about his initiative. Indeed, the famous director has agreed to discuss this episode in front of Bruno Guillon in the program “Le Bon Dimanche”. “My job is to be a witness to my time”defended the main interested party. “I liked this man so much that I wanted to see the few fake asses that were there”. At the time to calm the controversy, Claude Lelouch had also explained himself on the set of BFM TV.

“I spent my life filming him, I filmed him from 16 years old to his last day. I wanted to offer a present to Læticia and the children”, had indicated the star. “ I was able to film close-up eyes of people who liked him, which television could not do”. A tribute in the eyes of some who still challenges…


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