Claire Keim sometimes distraught with Uhaina? She admits her limits with her 14-year-old teenager

In the series Aim for the heart, a new episode of which will be broadcast this Thursday, September 8 on TF1, Claire Keim embodies a female cop. A series committed in particular against violence against women. If she admits that she is not invested in the feminist cause, the companion of Bixente Lizarazu knows the importance and the current issue. How does she talk about it with her 14-year-old daughter, Uhaina? She admits to being sometimes distraught. In the columns of We bothshe says:I do not transmit feminist values. Only the example counts. I see that sometimes my daughter lets herself be locked into situations because she is a young girland I explain to him that this is not normal.

But in fact, she is very solid, she does not have the problems that I encountered at her ageadds the companion of Bixente Lizarazu about their daughter. And then his world, I don’t know him very well, so I don’t really have the keys to help him.“The 47-year-old actress nevertheless admits to doing”the maximumand be there for her. How does she handle it? She replies, “We talk a lot, which reassures me. I tell myself that as long as we tell each other things, everything is fine.” Claire Keim remembers that when she was young, she was not confronted with this type of situation. “I’m lucky to have been raised by good peopleexplains the actress of Aim for the heart. I never believed that a woman couldn’t do as many things as a man, that I was helpless or that I wasn’t going to be taken seriously because I was a woman..”

Why she’s “not having success” with her daughter Uhaina

Aim for the heart was eagerly awaited on TF1 and the launch of the mini-series confirmed public expectations. The first two episodes thus had good audience ratings. Among viewers, however, Claire Keim cannot count on her daughter. In the columns of TV Major Channels, she explained that her daughter – whose first name means ‘wave’ in Basque – did not usually watch it on TV. “For her, TV is a dinosaur thing. The day I do a funny sketch on TikTok, maybe I’ll be successful with my daughter. TF1, for her, sorry for the channel, but it’s a bit like the ORTF for us!“, she let know.

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