Cheating in Koh-Lanta: “There is one who ate Domino’s Pizza” (VIDEO)

As a reminder, last year in Koh-Lanta: the legend, Teheiura had also been excluded for having asked for fish from a fisherman who passed not far from the island of adventurers. Then, we learned that several adventurers had joined a luxury hotel in the middle of the night to treat themselves to a good meal. Scandal at TF1. Result: no final winner, Claude having been deprived of the 100,000 euros promised to the winner.

Laurent Maistret, finalist of the “all stars” (and knight costume of Mask Singer), returned to this affair in the “Morning Sans Filtre” on Virgin Radio. “I ate couscous, admits the winner of the 2014 season and winner of DALS 7. “Everyone ate a little bit, I know that there is one who ate Domino’s Pizza.” What about the delivery man who would have gone to the island of adventurers? “I don’t know, I have nothing to do with it so you have to ask those concerned. It is not me.”

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