Charente: this is why you observed a mysterious luminous halo in the sky

Vincent Chrétien, from Taponnat, describes roughly the same phenomenon, at the same time, but on Tuesday. In the photo he had time to take, we also see a sort of garland of light. “When I take my dog ​​out, my eyes are on this ball. It moved faster than an airplane but much slower than shooting stars..

In Taponnat, the phenomenon captured by Vincent Chrétien looks more like a string of lights.

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What was it ? Not from a UFO, rest assured. Contacted, the volunteers of the astronomy clubs of Charente are at this moment a little difficult to answer.

Their counterparts from Charente-Maritime, Gironde and the Lyon region give an explanation to this mystery: these incandescent points obviously correspond to a piece of the SpaceX rocket, responsible for launching the Starlink satellites, intended to offer a very high speed internet connection for all.

SpaceX, the company of businessman Elon Musk, in particular carried out a launch Monday morning at 2:09 UTC. Starlink objects were discovered around 6 a.m., in the sky of Bordeaux, Libourne, and in the Dordogne. The messages corresponding exactly to that of Verdille flourish on Twitter.

More generally, SpaceX globally carried out 33 take-offs just for 2022. On the night of August 20 to 21, when the sky was particularly clear, residents of Charente also observed the same type of spectacle.

Regarding the phenomenon observed in Taponnat, Tuesday morning, it seems to stick with that described by Bernard Renaud, of the astronomical society of Lyon, questioned by our colleagues from the newspaper Le Progrès de Lyon. It evokes the ISS (the international space station) which passed above us at that time.

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