In Belgium, a young woman victim of the 2016 attacks resorts to euthanasia because of “unbearable psychological suffering”

The tragic story of Shanti de Corte arouses emotion in her country and sends France back to its recurring ethical debates around euthanasia. After a long therapeutic and hospital journey, this 23-year-old Belgian, survivor of the attacks in Brussels in 2016, resorted to assisted suicide on May 7, because of “unbearable psychological suffering”. It was … Read more

LE CREUSOT: Spotlight on demonstrations for schoolchildren at the Fête de la Science (1)

She is finally back in Le Creusot. With more than 800 schoolchildren visiting the Nave this Friday. Our photo report (1) The smiles as much as the absorbed or questioning looks of the children demonstrate that the popularization of science, as practiced at the Fête de la Science, is particularly timely.The Science Festival, which takes … Read more

The idotée, the crustacean “pollinator of the seas”

AFP, published on Friday, October 07, 2022 at 09:34 Was pollination born on earth with bees or millions of years earlier, at the bottom of the ocean? The discovery of the role of the idotée, a marine crustacean, in the fertilization of red algae, upsets the knowledge of the interactions between animals and plants. “We’ve … Read more

the return of the little sister of the child Jesus

INFOGRAPHICS – For the third consecutive year, La Niña has formed in the Pacific. An exceptional event that changes weather conditions around the world. When it goes off, El Niño appears at Christmas, hence its name “Child Jesus” given in the 19th century by Peruvian fishermen. It results in the warming of the surface waters … Read more