Caroline, 2nd greatest Maestro of Don’t forget the lyrics, confides in her defeat in the 2022 Masters

Caroline, second biggest winner of Do not forget the lyricsdid not manage to successfully enter the track in the 2022 Masters. The Maestro looks back on her defeat to Tele-Leisure.

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It was not his day. While Nagui gave the starting signal for the 2022 Masters of Do not forget the lyricsthis Tuesday, October 25, 2022, carolina, the second greatest Maestro of the show, failed to win against Élodie (n° 32), in the first match of this edition, and the day after the definitive qualification of the winner of the preliminary round. “I was not in a good state of mind, I was leaving losingassumes Caroline. I let myself get carried away by the stress… The match didn’t help. I didn’t know the first two songs. Coming out of my first chair, when I knew that I had to sing on Aznavour, I said to myself that it was won. And I did anything. I knew her by heart“, laments the Maestro.

I had the feeling that I was not revising enough“, reveals Caroline

It must be said that Caroline’s schedule has been very busy this year. In addition to her professional activity, the Maestro regularly took part in the tour Do not forget the lyrics put on a show. “I had the feeling that I was not revising enoughcontinues Caroline. I have a lot of work throughout the year, and I find it difficult to be diligent. I revised a lot this summer, telling myself that it was perhaps a little late. Élodie is one of the strongest. She has very broad knowledge. I told myself that I was not up to it. I hope that I will arrive in a better state of mind next year.

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It’s a dream time“, confides Caroline about the NOPLP tour

As the tour wraps up at the end of November, Caroline continues to savor every moment of it. “The atmosphere is incredible, and we are lucky to welcome new maestros who are experiencing their first stage. We are here to give them confidence. With Margaux and Hervé, we know how lucky we are to be on all the dates. I can’t wait for this to end. It’s a dream time. Afterwards, it’s tiring, between my work and that, that’s a lot. But I chose it, underlines Caroline whose career ended just a year ago on the air. “The show gave me the opportunity to go on stage, to meet the public, to try my hand at writing titles with professionals. I am very proud of my journey. I would never have imagined it so big. I take advantage of all that it can bring me on all levels“, she concludes.

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