Carla Moreau separated from her daughter Ruby: the ex of Kevin Guedj on the verge of tears to confide his pain

Two rooms, two atmospheres! Since the announcement of their separation, Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj no longer have the same life at all. The latter seems to have happily regained his single status – and his reputation as a jaguar which stuck with him for a long time as Paga revealed very recently – and multiplies the festive outings. For his now ex, however, it’s the big depression.

Indeed, Carla Moreau has a lot of trouble accepting the situation, especially with regard to his daughter Ruby, 3 years old. And for good reason, she must now resolve to part with it regularly in order to maintain a cordial shared custody with Kevin Guedj. But each departure of Ruby is a real heartbreak for the pretty blonde of 25 years. In story Instagram this Thursday, November 3 precisely, Carla Moreau appeared very moved, even with difficulty holding back her tears, to confide in her lack when the little girl is not around. “I left Ruby, that’s the hardest thing about having kids and breaking up. At least for me because I’m with her all the time. My role as a mom I like to have it every day and the fact of not being able to is very hard“, she said, her throat tight.

Unfortunately, there is only to count the days, even the hours before being able to find her. In the meantime, Carla Moreau is grateful to the technology that allows her to never break contact. “I can’t wait to see her again it always hurts a bit (…) I can hear from him and that’s what counts“, she relativized in conclusion.

This is not the first time that the famous Marseillaise has spoken about her discomfort with the consequences of her breakup with Kevin Guedj. At the end of October already, she revealed herself at the end of the line on her social networks. “I’m really looking forward to finding her because you know how close i am to my daughter, how much I sleep with her, I wash with her, I eat with her finally I do everything! So obviously it’s not obvious but now I know that she also needs her daddy which is completely normal“, she understood, wishing Ruby happiness above all else. “I think the most important thing for her is that her parents are happy, well and healthy..”

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