Carla Moreau announces her breakup with Kevin… he humiliates her in response to her statement!

A few weeks ago, a reality TV candidate named Belle Longwell, revealed on YouTube, had slept with Kevin Guedj on the set of the show “La Bataille des clans”. If the father of the family has firmly denied having been unfaithful to his wife Carla Moreau, this revelation has unfortunately cast a chill within the couple.

And after days of separation and doubts, Carla Moreau spoke on Instagram this Thursday, October 27, 2022 to announce their final break: “I’m ready to tell you everything.. I think it’s time to announce my breakup with Kevin. I’m not telling you that I’ve been going through very complicated days lately this situation is difficult to live with but it is however inevitable. I will not go into the details it took me time to accept it and see it clearly learn a lot of things to realize that our paths had to separate “ she advanced.

Carla Moreau, who met Kevin Guedj on the show “Les Marseillais en Afrique du Sud” then regretted having to announce her separation only 9 months after their grandiose wedding: “I never imagined a few months after my wedding having to make this decision. I necessarily imagined my life with a completely different future than the one I am about to live, but I am confident. Ruby is my strength and I would do anything for her happiness, bring her the best future and preserve her at all costs”.

Kevin Guedj is ironic about the situation
If many Internet users were quick to comment on this publication to support Carla, Kévin did not hesitate to comment also with irony, saying: “You are still the blood”. What suggest that it is visibly not affected by this break. As a reminder, Kevin Guedj and Carla Moreau are the parents of a little girl named Ruby who has just celebrated her 3 years.


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