Carcassonne: these pizza makers donate a percentage of their turnover to the SPA each month

Abigaël Salem and Florian Duvant have been running the “Oh My Pizza” pizzeria since last December in Carcassonne, rue Barbès. Every month, since April, they give a percentage of their turnover to the SPA of Carcassonne.

“Oh My Pizza” is the name of the very recent pizzeria located at 36 rue Barbès in Carcassonne. Since December 30, Abigaël Salem and Florian Duvant have been offering Carcassonnais pizzas and salads to take away or deliver. And it’s “a very good start” for the couple. “We are very happy and very surprised by the extent that it has taken in such a short time”, rejoices Abigail. Indeed, these two young people of 23 years did not know what it was going to give. She tells us: “We worked indoors in classic restaurants in the north of France but we didn’t cook this Italian specialty at all. We first thought of a pizza truck but as the training progressed, we preferred to take a local , here, in Carcassonne because we got closer to my family”.

From 3% to 10% of turnover at the SPA

Both passionate about animals, these young entrepreneurs wanted, from April, to help the SPA of Carcassonne where they are volunteers. “Animal protection is the most relevant cause for us, the one that suits us the most”. Each month, 3-10% (depending on the time of year) of their turnover is automatically donated to the organization. Helping an association was “essential” for restaurateurs. “We have families who walk in entrepreneurship, we were both brought up in the spirit: if you earn money, you give to associations”, says Abigail Salem. Her partner, Florian Duvant adds: “We want to lead by example and encourage others to do so as well”. In a few days, pizza makers will even put a piggy bank at the “special SPA” counter.

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