Can you spot a 4-pointed star in the picture in 11 seconds?

Today we offer you a brain teaser to test your intelligence. Only, people who have high IQ and sense of logic will be able to solve it quickly, because the running time to find the puzzle plays a major role. What is intelligence? According to science, it is the ability to solve problems. Despite the fact that different types of intelligence develop differently in each individual. We will find out at the end of our quiz. We have provided you with a few more logic riddles to put your reasoning skills to the test. Let’s go !

Awaken your logical mind and your visual intelligence with our brain teaser

brain drawing colors intelligence puzzles to solve

In the image below, your challenge will be to identify a 4-pointed star. The image is made up of squares with diagonals of different colors: yellow, green, orange, purple. Examine the image carefully before you begin. The answer is very simple, but requires concentration and good visual intelligence. The answer would be revealed to you right after. So be careful not to scroll very quickly so as not to cheat or miss the test when seeing the result.

#Puzzle to test your intelligence

This puzzle requires creative thinking

puzzle to test your intelligence image squares purple yellow green star


If you look at the picture, it’s quite difficult to find the star inside the squares. But if you look carefully at the bottom left, you will spot the 4-pointed star. We have also attached the answer in image. This brain teaser is made to test your intelligence, but not only that, your observation skills are put to the test. It’s also a fun way to test your reasoning. But you can also do an IQ test, which is a real challenge, or continue with another test to test your intellectual abilities.

You have to think differently, because the answer is not so obvious

4 pointed star intelligence test

#Bonus: Logical puzzles

Did you have fun with this brain teaser to test your intelligence? The editorial staff still has a few puzzles for you to solve. You can then share them with your family, friends or colleagues. You’ll see, it’s a smart way to have fun, especially in times when our smartphones do the thinking for us.

#Logic and reasoning

You hit a ball, it goes 7 meters away and it comes back to you directly without anyone throwing it back at you. Why ?

Logic is the foundation of mathematical reasoning

brain teaser to test your intelligence in 11 seconds

#Mathematical logic

My son has several brothers. Indeed, there are as many brothers as sisters. All sisters have twice as many brothers as sisters. How many daughters and sons do I have?

Mathematical logic was born at the end of the 19th century

head with numbers on an orange background

#Mental logic

Why is the number 542,986,721 unique?

To think is to reason!

logic puzzles to test your iq

#Fun logic riddle

In a forest, a girl meets a lion and a unicorn. The lion lies every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, while on other days he tells the truth. The unicorn lies on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and the rest of the week it tells the truth. The lion says: “Yesterday I was lying”. The unicorn says: “Me too”. What day is it ?

Guide children’s reasoning from an early age

woman brain intelligence test


  1. Because you threw the ball up.
  2. I have 3 daughters and 4 sons.
  3. It has all the numbers in alphabetical order.
  4. Thursday. Because Sunday is the only day they tell the truth. But today cannot be Sunday, because the lion also speaks the truth on Saturday (yesterday).

What are the 9 types of intelligence?

According to the theory of multiple intelligences, there are several types of intelligence in children and in adults. This theory was first raised in 1983 by Professor Howard Gardener. It has been enriched over time. These words are used especially in the school environment to encourage children. This theory is criticized by scientists because it is not validated by experimental research on human intelligence.

Intelligence: the quality of the mind to understand and adapt

test your intelligence man red brain cartoon

Here are the 9 types of intelligence:

  • Linguistics: this intelligence consists of using language to understand others. Memory is stimulated by words.
  • Logico-mathematical: a person’s ability to solve abstract problems using logic and mathematics.
  • Spatial: this intelligence is unique to artists and, as is their ability to memorize and visualize images.
  • Intra-personal: this form of intelligence makes it possible to understand oneself and to anticipate our behavior thanks to this self-knowledge.
  • Interpersonal: the ability to understand others.
  • Bodily-kinesthetic: the use of the body to express an idea or a feeling.
  • Musical: possibility of assimilating the musical language as well as creating rhythms and melodies.
  • Naturalist: this intelligence makes it possible to classify and differentiate things into categories.
  • Existential: the ability to question the meaning and origin of things.




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