Can you find the woman hidden in this photo? 90% of people can’t do it

What better way to test your mental speed than through a visual challenge that will entertain you and train your brain with one stone? For those who do not suspect it, these puzzles or visual riddles have multiple benefits since they greatly stimulate your cognitive abilities. No wonder they went viral on social media. Ready to solve this new mystery?

What are the benefits of visual challenges?

If these viral puzzles are very widespread and acclaimed by Internet users, it is because they are particularly fun, they free our mind from stress and boost our cerebral faculties.

The benefits are thus multiple: energizing the creative process, improving visual abilities and above all keeping the brain active. In this way, we reduce the risk of cognitive deterioration, while having fun in our spare time.

Visual challenges are also a good way to test our senses, concentration and patience. Often, as is the case here, they are actual photographs that defy our eyes. No wonder they have become many people’s favorite pastime. If you are passionate about it, don’t hesitate to challenge your friends and family as well, to test everyone’s best mental agility.

Picture of the visual puzzle

A visual challenge

A visual challenge – Source – spm

This new riddle has been created to test your wits and your ability to quickly solve the challenge. Suffice to say that its degree of complexity is at its peak since nearly 97% of Internet users have not succeeded in solving it the first time.

This photo shows a metal gate surrounded by a stone wall and beautiful trees whose leaves cover the entire land. But, in the heart of this luxuriant landscape, a woman hides there. And, it is even very well camouflaged! Your goal: find it in less than 7 seconds. Do you feel able to do it?

The difficulty is very obvious, but the game is worth the candle…

To succeed in this thorny challenge, you must optimize your visual agility, but also your mental dexterity. We’re counting on you to go beyond your limits and be one of the lucky 3% winners!

Visual puzzle solution

So what are your feelings: did you manage to find the hidden woman in record time? Is it harder than you imagined?

Here’s an important clue: the woman walks around the tree on the left side of the photograph.

If despite this you still can’t find it, don’t worry too much about it. With practice, you’ll eventually be among the top ones one day.

To find out the answer to this visual challenge, click on the link just below.

Visual challenge solution

Visual Challenge Solution – Source – spm

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