Can you discover the hidden panda among the 5 Dalmatians? Only the smartest will find

As much to warn you immediately, the chances of passing this visual test are very low. And for good reason, 99% of Internet users have failed. But who knows, maybe you are a real genius who can take up the challenge with flying colors. Either way, you have exactly 10 seconds to spot the panda hiding among the Dalmatians. Let’s go !

Visual challenges have become a classic on social networks. Their advantage: they test your abilities, both visual and mental. This is why, through this challenge, we are testing your acuity and your ability to observe. However, be prepared to sweat. Many unfortunately failed to find the coveted answer. More complex than others, this viral challenge has a very disturbing trompe-l’oeil effect. To the extent that geometric lines and tones merge together, the difficulty is all the greater and the brain finds it more difficult to perceive the difference.

Visual test image

A visual test

A visual test – Source: spm

In absolute terms, the rule is simple: you must find the panda bear hidden among the five spotted dogs in the picture. The big difficulty is that Dalmatians and pandas have very similar black and white fur, which can confuse you greatly. However, you will only have 10 seconds to detect this famous little panda.

The answer to the challenge

This picture gave you a hard time, didn’t it? We can imagine that you have stains in your eyes!
If you congratulate yourself on having found the answer in less than ten seconds, hats off to you. You are thus one of the few people who were able to very quickly detect the animal in question in this composition.
And if, on the other hand, you have largely exceeded the required time without even having found the slightest answer, do not worry, it is only a postponement. Don’t get discouraged, practice these visual challenges more often and soon you’ll excel at it.

In the meantime, take a look at the solution right here.

Solution to the challenge

Solution to the challenge – Source: spm

What do you think of this visual challenge? Now that you’ve discovered the answer, were you close to it or not at all? The important thing is to have played the game and to have learned more about yourself and your feelings at the time. Besides this test, know that there are endless other types of challenges. We strongly encourage you to continue pushing your limits with these kinds of viral challenges.

Reflection exercises

Riddles, visual challenges, logical riddles, puzzles, brain teasers or optical illusions are all tests that say a lot about your personality. The most nervous, for example, will get angry very quickly. Some will be very impatient and annoyed, others will find themselves zen, calm and confident.

If you managed to find the panda, congratulations! But if you were far from it, it is not dramatic either. Tell yourself that these are often very difficult challenges to meet. Many Internet users admit to training frequently in the hope of gaining responsiveness and diligence. Therefore, don’t be discouraged by the insight and complexity of these viral tests, because the more you do, the faster your thinking will be. Even unbeatable!

What exercises are worth doing? All crosswords and puzzles will make it easier for you. True, it will take some time to devote to them, but after completing them, you will feel great pride and satisfaction.

In addition, in everyday life, you can also rack your brains a little more by not systematically opting for the easy way out. For example, it would be good to give up the calculator from time to time. Mental arithmetic will always remain an excellent way to exercise the brain. Likewise, practice solving puzzles, riddles, and other visual tests more often. It really is ideal for boosting your cognitive abilities.

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