Camille Combal reveals her son’s original first name: the same as a famous actor, it’s “very annoying”

For the past few months, Camille Combal has not only been a happy man… he’s also a fulfilled young father! Became a father for the first time of a little boy last April with his wife, the journalist Marie Treille Stefani, the presenter of Dance with the stars discovers the joys and difficulties of family life, a subject he likes to joke about with his social media followers.

In contrast, no question for him to reveal to them the face of the little boy : protected by his parents, very discreet about their private life, he had remained in the shadows, without even his first name being revealed. At least until the last few days: guest in the podcast of Youtuber Ben Névert, the former protege of Cyril Hanouna has finally given the name of the little boy: Pio!

We called him Pio. And so as soon as you say Pio everyone says ‘ah yes like Pio Marmaï’, and that is very annoying. It’s the same first name, but it has nothing to do with the guy“, he joked, finally agreeing to bring up this subject which he had never spoken of before. So, could the magnificent first name Pio be a reference to the Italian origins of the happy mother? not specified… but then revealed that the toddler should never have been called that!

I did not choose the first name. Until the last moment for me it must have been Vadim, and the problem is that it’s the diminutive of Vladimir, and I don’t know if you’re aware, it’s not really the atmosphere at the moment, he there is a small problem with the electricity I will tell you about it, but we are a little bit in the sauce with the guy“, he continued, referring to Vladimir Putin, responsible for a devastating war in Ukraine.

Life-changing fatherhood!

In any case, although fatherhood is an exercise that seems to suit Camille Combal, he knows that everything is not always very glamorous! Asked by Ben Nevert about what this new status of dad had changed in his life, the presenter was very frank. “Those who tell you ‘it’s cool, it changes your life’, don’t listen to them, it’s hard. It changes everything. In the morning you get up, before you said ‘so what’s going on on L’Equipe, did OM win. Now you got a diaper full of mashed carrots to wash“, he told with a lot of humor about the little boy, aged six months.

Perhaps he sought advice from his colleagues at studio 217? Chris Marques is indeed the father of a little boy, Jackson, aged six, just like Christophe Licata, whose adorable little Livio was born in February 2017.

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