Britney Spears abandoned by her sons Jayden and Preston: she shoots her ex and settles her accounts!

I tried my best to try to be the best person possible“, explains Britney Spears in the first place, highlighting the fact of having been taken hostage through her guardianship. “I hope my children will understand one day.” Throughout her words, she repeatedly repeats how much she loves her children. Speaking to Jayden”because Preston doesn’t seem to want [lui] talk“, she recalls that through her hard work – her concerts or the show X Factor -, she was able to allow their father not to need to work and didn’t want to be too fussy about their duty, thinking they’d rather not have her on their backs.

Britney Spears overwhelms a person, it is first Kevin Federline whom she accuses of hypocrisy by criticizing the media, then by coming to speak at their microphones. She also recalls his taste for cannabis and the fact that he is barely able to mow the lawn. To her son she said:If you could take a moment to remember where you come from!!! I hope you can look in a mirror and remember. You are my child and always will be.” Appealing to his honesty, she asks him one last question asking him to take a step back: “[Est-ce que] what granny and grandpa did to me was OK and can you say they are not bad people? If so, then okay, I would have failed in my role as a mother.

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