Break for Alain and Alain (Love is in the meadow): “He noticed it”, revelations from the farmer (SPOILER)

Alain wanted to believe it but his experience in Love is in the meadow did not have the desired effect. The farmer, however, had the choice between three suitors since he had not been able to meet any of them at the time of the speed-datings, the fault of the Covid-19. Jean-Nöel, Gilbert and Alain, with very different characters, all fought for him during the stay at the farm. And very quickly, preferences were revealed. Alain fell in love with his namesake, going so far as to kiss him discreetly away from the cameras. A gesture that he had ended up regretting. “I kissed Alain because I have an attraction towards him. I’m a bit like that, I get carried away. Inevitably, it gives people hope, I know it’s not very smart. Precisely, afterwards I said to myself: ‘Calm down, look at the others.’ That’s why I’ve come down a bit“, he had declared.

It is nevertheless quite naturally that the two Alains ended up finding themselves together on the farm. Then they started a real relationship. And while one would have thought that they were still flowing happy days, Alain presented himself alone to Karine Le Marchand during the assessment, the broadcast of which is expected on November 7, 2022 on M6 but which is already available on Salto.

Faced with questions from the host, the 58-year-old calf breeder took stock. “So at the end of the farm, I said I was trying with Alain. And after, we saw each other every weekend, it was great, I was excited. I saw his environment and it reassured me and I said to myself ‘it will work, for sure’“, he confided. The lovers then had the opportunity to escape for a few days together during a romantic vacation in the middle of nature where they still shared many moments. So only positive on paper but for Alain , unfortunately there was no “this little flame“.”I really tried but… I don’t know, it’s a bit frustrating, I wasn’t comfortable either. And he noticed“, he reported. A few weeks after their getaway, Alain the farmer therefore made the decision to break up.

At the end of the report, Karine Le Marchand invited interested viewers to write to Alain who is “open” for a new meeting as he pointed out…

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