“Blows, bites, burns”: Emilie Fiorelli reveals the hell that her ex M’Baye Niang would have put her through

It’s a story that has known ups and downs but between Emilie Fiorelli and M’Baye Niang, it is now apparently war. Together, they had two children, Louna and Pharrel, and they also experienced several breakups before a final in July 2020. Since then, the 32-year-old young mother has been raising her children in Marseille and obviously yesterday she had things to say. On her Instagram account, where she is followed by more than 965,000 subscribers, the one who made herself known in Secret Story 9 wanted to reveal some elements of the relationship experienced with the 27-year-old footballer, who notably worked for AC Milan.

After a question and answer with her subscribers, Emilie Fiorelli let go by exposing the reality of her relationship with the father of her children. Too long that I take it upon myself (…) I feel harassed because of the behavior of my ex-spouse”she starts before posting a message conversation where we learn that the athlete beat her and drank alcohol. “A man who brags in addition to laying his hand on me! Now you can understand why I’m getting treated!”she continues full of rage towards her former companion (all the stories can be found in the slideshow).

I was able to discover the person with whom I was ‘fucking’ a girl in her phone

But the revelations unfortunately do not stop there for the young woman. “I suffered much more than deception. But violence (beatings, bites, burns) stop and in addition to boasting about it, it’s downright serious!”, loose Emilie Fiorelli, who makes very serious accusations against M’Baye Niang. Out of it, the former reality TV candidate continues by evoking a very surprising anecdote. “I was able to discover the person with whom I was ‘fucking’ (sorry for the vulgarity) a girl in his phone because he is filming himself, it’s funny apparently!”she says before adding: “I have pictures of everything and I knew that one day I was going to freak out”.

Now in treatment to try to forget this very dark period of his life, Emilie Fiorelli is very angry with the footballer. “The father of my children in no way excuses rotten man that he was able to be with me!!!!!she launches as a conclusion to revelations that are likely to make a lot of talk.

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