big odd in full live against Léa Salamé, he throws an ultra confidential info

Gilles Lellouche made a real mistake. Facing Léa Salamé, on France Inter, to promote her new film, Kompromat, he made statements he shouldn’t have made. As reported The Parisian, Tuesday September 6, 2022, he indeed affirmed that the character he plays in this film is real. “His name is Yoann Barbereau. The film is inspired by his story, but it is not an exact translation of his book“, launched the actor. Only, behind the scenes, he was immediately reminded that there was no question of discussing this story at all. The cause: relations would be stormy between the production and the one who was arrested in 2015 and fled in 2017 to join France.

Neither the comedian nor anyone from the film crew is allowed to say his name, according to a confidential agreement signed between the two parties“, reports the daily again. For good reason, the tensions date back to 2017, when France 2 broadcast a report in Correspondent on Kompromat. Immediately, Jérôme Salle, the director of the film tries to get in touch with Yoann Barbereau. Both sign a contract.

Yoann Barbereau would be writing his own series

The production bought his story, while he wrote a book, but the man would have assured not to find himself in the script written for the film. He still refuses to speak. He would also be writing a series based on his story. From (…)


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