Bénédicte Martin accuses the former presenter of sexual assault

Nineteen years after the facts, despite the prescription, the author testifies on BFMTV and recounts the sexual assault she allegedly suffered by Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, on the premises of TF1.

It is a complaint that will not succeed because of prescription. Bénédicte Martin, journalist and writer, knows this, but she wants to add her testimony to dozens of others. Guest of BFMTV this Tuesday, she recounts the sexual assault she suffered by the ex-presenter of TF1 Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, in 2003.

“Her aggression has haunted me for 19 years,” she explains, adding that “all that time” she walks as if she had “a broken leg”.

Bénédicte Martin wants to “add a stone to the building so that this crime is heard”. “I testify so that perhaps the law changes compared to the prescription because if we testify so late, it is that the process is very long for the victims”, she confides.

“The day I filed a complaint, on leaving, for the first time in my life, I no longer felt PPDA’s hand in my panties,” she continues.

“PPDA is a serial rapist”

The author’s testimony was published on Monday in the newspaper Release, alongside those of two other women. In 2003, Bénédicte Martin was 24 years old and guest of the literary program of PPDA, night flight. At the end of the recording, he offers her to come back to attend a television news. A few weeks later, after the recording of this JT, she is taken by a secretary to an office, where she then finds herself alone with the presenter.

“PPDA is a serial rapist: it happens at the same time with the same type of women (…). I stopped reading the testimonies because I have the impression of reading my own story”, says Bénédicte Martin at BFMTV.

He then speaks to him of ” his problems of weight “. “I am particularly troubled because he is talking to me about something very intimate, I am confused, I started to lose my bearings and during this time, he revolves around me”, she says.

Then, says Bénédicte Martin, he grabs her from behind and knocks her to the ground. She then struggles against the ex-presenter, while he tries to kiss her and lower her pantyhose under her skirt. The author manages to escape and flee.

“Everyone Knew”

“I told this story to everyone, and I met only indifference,” she says.

Bénédicte Martin explains, in fact, that a few days after the facts she tells the attack to her publisher, Frédéric Beigbeder. “He bursts out laughing and says it doesn’t matter,” explains the author. According to him, the author Michel Houellebecq was also present in the room and was not indignant either. “Everyone was aware,” laments Bénédicte Martin.

Faced with the possibility that PPDA files a complaint against her for defamation, she replies: “Let him file, I know where the truth is, and so does he”.

Original article published on BFMTV.com

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