Be Fit in Savoy. Why are some lucky and others not? The answers of the teacher-researcher Christophe Haag

He met a former Green Beret experienced in survival, Annette Herfkens, the only survivor of a crash in the Vietnamese jungle, treasure hunters… “Luck is the ability to tame the unexpected”, says Christophe Haag . A professor at the Lyon management school and a researcher in social psychology, he has studied its origins, going so far as to write a book, “Provoque ta chance”. Regularly invited to give conferences in front of bosses of the CAC 40 or students of the ENA, he is participating this Friday, September 9 in the Be Fit show in Aix-les-Bains.

How did you come to carry out research on emotions… and luck?

“I’ve always had emotions in the background because I come from a family where no one has the baccalaureate, apart from certain cousins, my brother and me. My parents sold agricultural machinery and operated on intuition. They managed up to 70 people by kneading this complex paste that is human paste, without analytical education, but with pure…

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