Basilic & Co unveils its new Fall-Winter 2022 menu

The arrival of the starred chef Edward Cristaudo in the spring of 2022 has finally paid off. On October 18, a new menu was launched, honoring the Jura mountains, and this, through 7 new recipes concocted by chef Cristaudo.


Local pizza

A unique concept of quality fast food on the theme of “local” pizza

the Basilic & Co “terroir” pizza network changes its menus twice a year, each time honoring a French region.

Its customers, already accustomed to novelties, are now at the rendezvous with the Autumn-Winter 2022 menu.

long-awaited, new Basil & Co menu is finally revealed!

The new Autumn-Winter menu landed in the 55 Basilic & Co franchised restaurantsOctober 18.

Concocting, for the first time, a menu for the network, chef Edward Cristaudo, proposed 7 new unique recipes flavors of emblematic Jura products.

For its part, the Morbier IGP is integrated into the salted foccacia while the Morbier AOP1, accompanied by Bleu de Gex AOP, Comté AOP, yellow wine and sausage from Montbéliard IGP2, will make the 6 other pizza recipes, namely :

  1. The Jura: organic tomato sauce, French artisanal mozzarella, Morbier AOP, Montbéliard IGP sausage, onion fondue, brown button mushrooms and fried onions.
  2. The gexoise: made with cream, artisanal French mozzarella, Bleu de Gex AOP cheese, Ardèche IGP dry-cured ham chiffonnade, broken walnuts and fresh chives.
  3. The 3 Jura cheeses: from organic tomato sauce, French artisanal mozzarella, Morbier AOP, Bleu de Gex AOP, Comté AOP, broken nuts and fresh chives.
  4. The arboisian: made with artisanal French mozzarella cream, roast chicken, brown button mushrooms and yellow wine.
  5. Montbeliarde: containing cream, French artisanal mozzarella, Montbéliard IGP sausage, Comté AOP, onion fondue, fried onions and fresh chives.
  6. The snail: created from cream, artisanal French mozzarella, snails, parsley and brown button mushrooms.

Made, all, from a 100% homemade dough, the Basil & Co pizzas have been redesigned by the starred chef Edward Cristaudo : “We need to renew our menu regularly, and Basilic & Co also renews itself. What interests us is to take into account the expectations of the French today, to eat better by controlling their diet. Says Laurent Bassi, founder of Basilic & Co.

An R&D team at the forefront of innovation

Reinventing original pizza recipes has always been at the heart of the priorities of the Basil & Co network.

To do this, the latter closely follows new consumer trends and the advice of nationally renowned chefs, to finally delegate the search for local products to his purchasing teams.

For this menu, it is in the Jura, at the Seignemartin cheese dairy, that they landed to unearth fresh regional products.

So, the new recipestailor-made and based on Jura flavors, maintain, as always, the balance between originality and tradition.

Furthermore, it is important to note that this new Autumn-Winter menu Basilic & Co is at the head of a long list of planned collaborations between starred chef Edward Cristaudo and Frédéric Anton, who has joined the network as head chef in the Product Research and Development department.

Everything you need to know about the Basilic & Co Franchise

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