Augustin Trapenard ultra tattooed: the very poignant meaning of his many tattoos

In an interview with Jordan De Luxe in At Jordan’sAugustin Trapenard revealed the overwhelming origin of his many tattoos by evoking a sentence signed Marguerite Duras that he wears on his arm: “This one I did a long time ago, he confided at the time. In my family, we all get Alzheimer’s disease after a while. And so I have an obsession, it’s not being able to read the books of my life, the most beautiful sentences. So I wrote them down.

Without going into details, he revealed to the Parisian in January 2021: “In my family, many people die of Alzheimer’s disease.” Frightened at the idea of ​​being in turn affected by this evil affecting the memory of his victims, Augustin Trapenard found the remedy to allay his fears and continue to keep his passion for literature alive for as long as possible: “I don’t want to forget all the books that mattered to me.“The most touching of explanations.

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