Audiences: Winning bet for the special Elizabeth II evening on France 2, C8 stronger than M6

The audience of the TF1 group channels has been impacted since Friday September 2, 2022 due to the cut in their signal in the Canal+ offers.

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In the first part of the evening on Thursday, several channels have chosen to upset their programs to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, who died at the age of 96. This was the case for France 2, which topped the audience according to Médiamétrie with its special evening which started at 8:36 p.m. and followed by 3.39 million fans of the British monarchy (16.8% of 4+ and 13.0 % of FRDA-50).

Premium start at 9:30 p.m. for TF1

TF1 is behind with the continuation of the new French series “Aim for the heart”, worn by Claire Keim and Lannick Gautry. With an exceptional kick-off given at 9.30 p.m., due to a special edition of “20 Heures”, the two episodes gathered an average of only 1.95 million viewers, i.e. 12.6% of the public and 13.2 % of female purchasing managers under 50 (FRDA-50). Last Thursday, for the arrival on the air of this fiction, the first two episodes had been scrutinized by 4.13 million individuals (22.1% of the public and 22.9% of the FRDA-50).

France 3 follows with the French mini-series “Hors saison”, bringing together Marina Hands and Sofiane Zermani, alias rapper Fianso. An offer which attracted an average of 1.85 million people for the two episodes offered, for a market share of 9.7%. A week ago, “Off season” interested 2.38 million French people (12.1% of 4+ and 1.2% of FRDA-50).

What about other channels? On W9, the Europa League match between Nantes and Olympiakos was followed by 1.23 million footballers, representing a market share of 6.5% (4.0% on the FRDA-50).

Low score for the documentary dedicated to Elizabeth II on M6

On C8, the arrival of “There is only the truth that counts: The most beautiful stories”, presented by Pascal Bataille and Laurent Fontaine revived the nostalgia of 997,000 nostalgic people on average. The audience share is 5.7% (7.1% on the FRDA-50). And on M6, the new film “Elizabeth Regard(s) Singular(s)“, directed by Roger Michell, gathered only 665,000 French people (3.6% of 4+ and 6.6% of FRDA-50). Originally, the channel had planned to broadcast an unpublished number of “Cauchemar en cuisine ” with Philippe Etchebest.

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