At ZEvent 2022, Alain Chabat was unanimous

Alain Chabat and the Étoiles streamer at ZEvent 2022

Alain Chabat and the Étoiles streamer at ZEvent 2022

TWITCH – Alain Chabat has captured the hearts of streamers. The 2022 edition of ZEvent, a charity marathon broadcast live on Twitch, began on Friday September 9 and will continue until September 11 in Montpellier. Saturday, September 10, a distinguished guest was at the presentation of the event to the delight of participants: Alain Chabat. The latter was invited by the Stars streamer, a big fan of the Burger Quiz. The goal, remember, is to collect donations, over a period of fifty hours, for four associations related to ecology.

In his Burger Quiz presenter outfit, the director and actor hosted a session of Question For A Streamer like the cult show. He participated in the writing of the game and its design this year. And the least we can say is that the director ofAsterix Mission Cleopatra captivated the participants.

Throughout the weekend, streamers in a large room equipped with computers, cameras and other microphones. The goal: to multiply live broadcasts, each via their channel on the Twitch platform, while encouraging viewers to make one or more donations.

In previous years, among the associations chosen were: Action Against Hunger, Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross. This year, four environmental protection associations are highlighted: Sea Shepherd, the League for the Protection of Birds, WWF, and Sea Cleaners.

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