Are you the victim of oscillations on the screen of your Apple Watch Ultra?

Barely arrived at the first users, some note with horror a totally abnormal behavior of their Apple Watch Ultra! The refresh of the screen would not be done uniformly over the entire surface. Indeed, one half of the screen refreshes noticeably more slowly than the other.

In practice, this leads an unpleasant oscillation effect when content is moving rapidly, an effect known as jelly scrolling (the return). Some owners of the Apple Watch Ultra could see this when they quickly scroll through a list using the digital crown.

Are you experiencing oscillations on the screen of your Apple Watch Ultra?

The “jelly scrolling” effect is back!

This phenomenon would only concern the Apple Watch Ultra and not the other models, such as the new Series 8. It seems to be due to the screen size – the largest for a Pommée watch (49mm against 45mm maximum for the Series 8) – and its brightness – much stronger (up to 2000 nits against 1000 nits for the rest of the range).

We remember that last year, the iPad mini 6 had experienced a similar effect, also nicknamed jelly scrolling. More widespread (the iPad mini being easier to access than the Ultra), this problem had also led to a appeal last February. Many people then argued that the space between the LCD screen and the components was too small and contact could be made between them when pressing on the screen. This thesis had been favored especially after the teardown by iFixit. Indeed, deformations could appear at the level of certain internal components which have a tiny extra thickness compared to the others.

However, Apple had deemed this behavior to be normal for this type of LCD screen. The phenomenon would be due to the design of the panel, whose refresh rate can be faster on one side than the other (line by line). Given the level of requirement (and the price) that Apple wants for its Ultra, we are impatiently awaiting the latter’s response.

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