Are you a genius? Prove it by finding the result of this riddle in 10 seconds!

Take a good look at the image and make your choice! Social media has become an extension of our lives. Many of our relationships and experiences are experienced more through laptop and computer screens than in the “real world”.

genie calculation test

On the networks, we share everything, memes, important events, with more serious or funny content, which can teach us something. In this universe of publications, it is also possible to often find visual and logical challenges, among others, which test our perception and our capacity for reasoning.

Here we are used to offering challenges of all kinds, like today’s one which went viral and made many people realize that they need to invest more in their logic skills. This is the fruit puzzle, which you can see in the image above. Several people came across this post on their social networks and tried to unravel the mystery, but only the most perceptive were able to arrive at the right result without needing any help.

Today we are going to test your logical reasoning skills. What you need to do in this test is to arrive at the result of the calculation. With the results of the calculations, you need to find out how much each fruit is worth, so that you can correctly answer the open question. We give you 10 seconds to complete the challenge. After this amount of time, you can scroll down the page to find the correct answer and get an idea of ​​your logical thinking percentage.

Ready ? Do you have your answer? So let’s get to the results!

In the first you can see that each apple is worth 10 points. In the next line, we are introduced to a new fruit, the banana. In this sum, we add an apple to two bananas with the result of 18. If we extract the value of the apple, we get 8, and since there are two bananas, we find that each unit equals 4 points. In the penultimate line, we subtract a banana and a coconut, and the result is 2. Knowing that the banana is worth 4, it is not difficult to understand that the coconuts are worth 2 points.

With this logic in mind, many people believe that the result of the last count is 16, because they add the value of the coconut (2), to that of the apple (10) and to that of the banana (4) . But this is where the shoe pinches.

In the last row, the fruits are not presented as usual. There is only one coconut and three bananas, which means we have to halve the value of the coconut, so it is only worth one point.

With the banana we also decrease by one point, because there are only three that are represented, so it is no longer worth 4 points, but 3.

Summarizing this, we find that the result is not 16, but 14.

answer test calculation

If we carefully analyze the image from the first moment, it is not difficult to find the result. If this test is so successful, it is precisely because it looks so easy that most people do not really pay attention to it, they rush to answer, being sure that they have arrived at the correct one. results.

If you are one of the people who got the result wrong or failed to find the correct answer on your own, you definitely need to invest more in activities that allow you to strengthen your logical reasoning, which is currently around 55%. However, if you completed the challenge correctly in less than 10 seconds, congratulations, it means that you are as good at logic as you are at attention. Your logical reasoning percentage is around 80%. We don’t give you 100% because we need to test your skills more.

Speaking of which, we have a comprehensive testing page on our website, which can help you get to 100% easily. Engage in the exercises!

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