Apple’s “Solo Loop” straps don’t fit all watches

With the arrival of the all-new Apple Watch Series 8 and SE, the Apple brand had to review its plans for several of its bracelets. The firm has just launched smaller versions of its “Solo Loop” and “Braided Solo Loop” on its online store.

Both types of bracelets are now available from size 1 to size 3, enough to make them comfortable on all wrists, even for the youngest. Apple offers these bands in 44mm and 45mm face sizes. The latest Apple Watch Series 8, but also last year’s Series 7 and Series 6 are compatible. This is also the case for both generations of Apple Watch SE.

The Solo Loop and “Braided Solo Loop” bracelets are available on Apple’s online site for €99 (for the braided versions) and €49 for the unique versions. Finally, it’s when you think about the Apple Watch Ultra, the brand’s latest, that things get complicated.

Apple Watch Ultra and Solo Loop: the story ends there

Indeed, the sports watch has three new bracelets. Advertised as “compatible” with 45 mm watches, these bracelets are sold for €99 by Apple. But the Apple brand also specifies that the bracelets designed for 45 mm watches are also “compatible” on the new 49 mm titanium case of the Apple Watch Ultra.

A small line on the Apple site, however, adds an important clarification. The “Solo Loop” and “Braided Solo Loop” bracelets are not compatible with the new Apple “Ultra” watch. To buy these new bracelets, you can go to Apple’s online store. – Official App

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