Apple’s “one more thing” this year should be AirPods Pro

Three years after the release of the first model, Apple would introduce new AirPods Pro. They would be unveiled at the same time as the iPhone 14.

On September 7 at 7 p.m., Tim Cook should take the floor to present the major developments of the year for Apple. The big boss of Apple, accompanied by his loyal team, should thus present in detail the next iPhone 14, 14 “Plus” (or Max) and 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. These four devices will not be the only products launched this Wednesday by Apple.

Indeed, the company founded by Steve Jobs should also take advantage of the event to highlight the brand’s brand new connected watches. In addition to the expected Apple Watch Series 8, Apple could surprise its audience by offering a “Pro” version of its watch.

A product finally updated, three years later

But it would not be the last novelty offered by Apple. Indeed, after more than three years of rumors and silences, Apple could finally talk about AirPods Pro again. The premium wireless earbuds only came out in 2019, and Apple hasn’t updated them since. A second generation is therefore expected, which, according to rumors, should not have arrived until 2023.

Finally, given the technical evolution of the competition, but also the sales figures which are less and less quarter after quarter, Apple would have decided to release the AirPods Pro, second of the name, this Wednesday. According to Mark Gurman, journalist for Bloomberg, who first mentioned this idea, Apple could offer headphones quite close to the first version.

If the Cupertino company could have done (light) work on the exterior design of the device, the big news is especially inside. Indeed, Gurman announces that the brand new H2 chip should be part of it. It will be able to support the “lossless” formats recently added to Apple Music.

AirPods Pro capable of monitoring user health

As for the hardware, Apple is said to be working on a whole new speaker. But AirPods Pro won’t just be headphones. The Cupertino company indeed counts them used as indicators of the good health (or not) of their owner. Headphones will also be a good way to manage the distance count when running for example.

Apple has been working on these new headphones for years, and many patents have come out about them. It is difficult to know today which technologies will be present in this new product. In all likelihood, Tim Cook should give us the keys this Wednesday.

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