Apple will change the battery percentage indicator icon

Apple is changing the battery percentage indicator icon. This should soon adjust to the actual percentage. The percentage will also appear briefly on the lock screen.

Since the world discovered the first glimpses ofiOS 16 and the return of the battery percentage indicator at the beginning of the month, the grumbling was quite strong. Many are those who are not satisfied with this icon, to have the impression that Apple could have done better on this subject. In its current form, the icon remains static – showing only the percentage – until the iPhone’s battery drops below 20% charge remaining.

Apple changes battery percentage indicator icon

It’s a design decision that makes the indicator less useful than it should have been since in most cases you’ll have to look very closely to see how much battery you have left. . This is precisely what has aroused the discontent of users. There was better to do.

This should soon adapt to the actual percentage

And fortunately, the Cupertino company is working on an improved version of this icon. The apple brand recently released the second beta of iOS 16.1 and among the notable changes, we note the introduction of a modification in the battery percentage indicator. Now, instead of the icon which simply turns red when the battery drops below 20% charge, it gradually drains at the same rate as the battery. It’s a small change, but one that greatly improves ergonomics and everyday use.

The percentage will also appear briefly on the lock screen

This beta 2 also introduces a change to the lock screen. When you plug in your iPhone to charge it, a battery percentage indicator will briefly appear just above the clock, reviving a feature from iOS 15. On the iPhone 14 Pro, you’ll also see one appear in Dynamic Island.

The next version of iOS 16 does not yet have an availability date and Apple could well make other changes before the launch of the final version. To be continued !

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