Apple: when will the next updates be released on the iPhone?

A Bloomberg reporter has revealed when Apple’s next iPhone updates are expected to come out.

A few weeks ago, IOS 16 landed on the Apple iPhone. An update that changed a lot of things. And some of whom still have trouble getting used to it. However, you’ll have to get up to speed quickly. Because other updates should see the light of day shortly.

A more powerful iPhone 14

No doubt that if you have an old version of smartphones, IOS 16 has you in trouble. Indeed, with this new update, the majority of “old” phones are idling. A fact that everyone was aware of, even before its launch.

On the other hand, those who own the latest version of Apple’s phone have no worries about this. Moreover, they were able to discover a very nice surprise. A surprise that is at the level of 5G. But what is it?

Simply faster 5G. Indeed, in case you did not know, it is much faster on the iPhone 14 than on the other models. These are the latest results communicated by the firm that prove it.

The latter note in particular that its speed is much more efficient than on other iPhone models. This also comes from the components present on the phone. And these components lead to several things. Starting with the price of the product.

Because yes, for example, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max saw its price explode compared to other models. This comes in particular from a part present in the phone. Which allows it to have a higher performance than previous products.

We are talking about the A16 chip here. A chip that caused the price to rise due to the fact that it is expensive. But on top of that, the other components required Apple to spend a lot. And, in fact, increase the price of its technological jewels.

Apple: when will the next updates be released on the iPhone?
Apple: when will the next updates be released on the iPhone?

Apple will release new updates for the iPhone

If the rumors say that the iPhone 15 should make the on and off button disappear, that’s not what interests you the most. Indeed, what owners of Apple products want to know, this is the release date of the new updates.

Precisely, Mark Gurman, journalist at Bloomberg, let the information filter. If nothing is official yet, this one usually gives verified information. This is why we can trust him when he tells us that it could be done for December.

Indeed, IOS 16.2 should arrive for the last month of the year as relayed our colleagues from Iphonesoft.“Apple is expected to launch iOS 16.3, iPadOS 16.3 and macOS Ventura 13.3 around February and March. Add the media.

And this date would not be chosen at random by Apple. Indeed, the firm would have chosen it for “to coincide with the new Macs to come. A keynote in March is therefore likely!. You will still have to be patient.

These new updates should offer several things. Like live activities for televised sports. The sleep widget on the lock screen. Or the Freeform app. Several other tools should make their arrival but things could still change by then.

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