Apple Watch Ultra battery outperforms Series 8

The all-new Apple Watch Ultra has an insane battery, twice the size of the Apple Watch SE.

Since the announcement on September 7 of the Apple Watch Ultra, the world of new technologies has fallen in love with this connected watch, normally reserved for extreme athletes. Launched with great fanfare by Apple at its conference last week, the Apple Watch Ultra is simply what Apple does best.

With this product, sold at €999 in France, the Cupertino company offers a 49 mm titanium case, much larger than the new Series 8 available in 45 mm. The arrival of an “action” button on the left side of the watch makes it unique at first glance. Massive, flat, the Apple Watch Ultra is also enduring.

Autonomy and an XXL battery

In the presentation made by Apple, the brand announced 60 hours of battery life thanks to a brand new “low consumption” mode. With further use of the watch, this figure dropped to 40 hours. A considerable difference compared to the Apple Watch Series 8 which only has the right to 36 hours of autonomy, with the low consumption mode.

To find an explanation for this large discrepancy, just look into the guts of the two products. The battery of the Apple Watch Ultra is 542 mAh, where the Apple Watch Series 8 has only 308 mAh. An increase of 76% between the two models. The comparison hurts even more when we take into account the new Apple Watch SE, also presented by Apple at the conference on September 7.

The “entry-level” watch available in France at a price of €279 is only entitled to a 296 mAh battery (for the 44 mm version). The Apple Watch Ultra therefore has a battery twice as large. If the size of the battery is not directly correlated to the autonomy of a product, it remains a very good indicator.

A watch made to last

The Apple Watch Ultra was designed by Apple to be resistant. Both from a physical point of view, with the arrival of titanium instead of stainless steel, and autonomy. With 60 hours announced, it is possible to hike for several days, without having to go through the recharge box.

For the first time in Apple’s history, we can imagine that a connected watch from the brand will discharge more slowly than an iPhone, with equivalent use. A great feat on the part of Apple, which has succeeded with this watch, has offered a professional product, which everyone wants.

What reception do athletes give to this watch?

The last big unknown is knowing what place the public will give to this watch. If everyone says they are ready to buy it, how many people will they really be ready to take the plunge? Despite very good features such as the arrival of a temperature sensor, detection of falls and car accidents, the watch is not as suitable for extreme sports as its competitors.

By excluding scuba diving, a discipline long mentioned by Apple in the presentation, Apple does not seem to have taken up the main ideas of trail and running watches, massively used in races like the UTMB. Very popular, these are often less expensive than the Apple watch and offer specific features for each sport that make them more interesting for professional or semi-professional athletes.

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