Apple Watch Series 8: the main new features (temperature, cycles, accident detection)

This year, the Apple Watch Series 8 offers few changes compared to the Series 7, and remains a classic evolution in terms of design, the novelty of 2022 being the integration of two temperature sensors! Available on the Apple Store following the keynote Far Outthis watch should however find its audience, in particular users with a model from several previous generations or a first buyer (or buyer since the Series 8 offers a improved cycle tracking using temperature sensors).

Features dedicated to women, improved cycle monitoring

The function (it should be able to be used by everyone even if Apple did not dwell on this point) will make it possible to enrich the monitoring of cycles for women. The temperature will indeed be recorded every 5 seconds, making it possible to display a very precise history and to better analyze the evolution of a cycle. Thus, a notification will warn – for example – the user of the estimated period of ovulation or of the existence of an anomaly that must be checked by a doctor.

This device should logically complete cycle tracking function, which is available on the iPhone’s Health app, and perhaps refine the date estimates, which are still too broad. All data will be fine obviously encrypted and processed locally in order to guarantee confidentiality.

Apple Watch Series 8: the main new features (temperature, cycles, accident detection)

Remember that since 2019, the Health application has a tab cycle tracking and allows to keep a diary of your cycles. For this, it must be filled in manually, once to indicate its previous cycles and others to confirm the dates. We can also indicate certain data among about twenty premenstrual or menstrual symptoms (mastodynia, loss of appetite, hair loss, cramps, pain, etc.) or even specific external factors.

The goal is to be able to offer a predictive calendar, as well as a history. Beyond the practical aspects and other reminders, it is a question of being able to use -if necessary- this information within the framework of the monitoring of their health, the detection of pathologies or the desire of some to conceive a child. It should be noted that Cupertino is not the only one to provide this kind of service, and that it was even behind the competition, such as Clue – Period Calendar, Livi – Consult a Doctor, My Flo Period Calendar or even Fitbit.

Apple Watch Series 8: the main new features (temperature, cycles, accident detection)

Car accident detection, dual alert system and automatic call

This year, Apple was particularly interested in the possibility of detecting road accidents thanks to two new motion sensors, a gyroscope and an accelerometer (already present on previous versions but improved on this generation). The analysis of movements coupled with these faster sensors would therefore make it possible to detect a possible accident and to call for help.

Note that the accident detection function is designed to detect serious car accidents, such as collisions or a strong impact from the front, sides or rear involving different vehicles (cars vans, SUVs, vans etc). She wants to be not limited in his list, insisting on the inability to foresee everything.

Apple Watch Series 8: the main new features (temperature, cycles, accident detection)

In the event of a shock being detected, the function will automatically use the Apple Watch if the user is wearing one and if it is active. Otherwise, it will switch to the iPhone. Similarly, the iPhone or Apple Watch will display an alert and/or trigger an alarm.

If the user is able to do so, he will be able to call the emergency services just by dragging the slider Emergency call or dismiss the alert. If they don’t respond to the alert after 10 seconds, the iPhone or watch will begin a second 10-second countdown before automatically calling emergency services.

Apple Watch Series 8: the main new features (temperature, cycles, accident detection)

An unchanged look

From one year to another, the aesthetics have not changed: still no flat edges this year but a brighter screen – according to Apple. With a 41 or 45 mm case (straps are compatible), this year’s version is available in two finishes: Aluminum at 499 euros (Midnight, Silver, Stellar Light, RED) or Steel (Gold, Graphite or Silver) at 849 euros, in the Cellular or GPS+Cellular version. Not to mention the Hermès version. In addition, there are many straps (Single Buckle, Sport Buckle, Sport Strap, Leather, etc.) that can be chosen in the Apple Store configurator.

The firm indicates an autonomy of 18 hours and an energy saving mode allowing to pass to 36 hours (available from Series 4 and watchOS 9). When this mode is enabled, the always-on screen will be disabled, as will the health sensors. The Apple Watch will be available in 4 colors, midnight starlight, silver, and product red for the aluminum models and silver gold and graphite for the steel cases.

Apple Watch Series 8: the main new features (temperature, cycles, accident detection)

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