Apple Watch SE pre-order at a “low” price: I prove the interest of this connected watch

News hardware Apple Watch SE pre-order at a “low” price: I prove the interest of this connected watch

The new Apple Watch SE of 2022 is on pre-order! For a more contained price, this new connected watch struck by an apple offers all the essentials of the Apple Watch. While the release date is only a week away, we can already tell you that it smells like cardboard. Explanations.

Features of the new Apple Watch SE

Apple is the world leader in the watch market. You read correctly. Apple is not only the biggest seller of smartwatches in the world, but also the biggest seller of watches. Bring together all the Swiss watchmakers, they will always sell less than the American multinational.

Pre-order the Apple Watch SE 2022 from €349 on Fnac

This place of world leader, Apple owes it in large part to its best seller: the Apple Watch SE. In my close circle alone, I know at least 3 or 4 people with an Apple Watch SE. Why ? Quite simply because this model costs much less than the best Apple Watches on the market while retaining their main features.

The JVTECH team therefore highly recommends the Apple Watch SE to all people who wish to discover the wonderful world of connected watches.

Like the AirPods Pro, the Apple Watch SE deserved a bit of a brush to get up to speed. The changes from the previous generation are relatively small, but they are still welcome.

  • The processor is 20% faster. Honestly, in use, you will see little difference (if any, everything is still very fluid on the previous generation Apple Watch SE).
  • Car accident detection is cominga new feature present on the entire 2022 range. Admittedly, this can save lives, but the new iPhones also have the feature, and, between us, it is not likely to be used very often.

These novelties are not transcendent, we must be honest. We would have appreciated at least the arrival of the Always On Display and / or the ECG.

If you think these advancements aren’t worth it, we tend to advise you to save some money and go for the older generation Apple Watch SE instead. For the end of stocks, the model can be found at 269€ on Amazon, and it remains a great plan.

Alternatively, you can pre-order the 2022 Apple Watch SE.

Buy the Apple Watch SE 1 at 269€ on Amazon

Pre-order the Apple Watch SE 2022 from €349 on Fnac

Release date of the new Apple Watch SE of 2022

The next-generation Apple Watch SE will be available from September 16, 2022. That’s very soon. Pre-orders meanwhile, have just opened on Friday, September 9.

Pay close attention to stock-outs. It is increasingly common, especially with Apple back-to-school products, for major problems to be encountered until Christmas. This was the case just last year with the Apple Watch Series 7 which quickly fell victim to its own success. We don’t want to play the alarmist, just give you all the information so that you can make an informed choice.

Apple Watch SE price compared to the rest of the range

  • Apple Watch SE: from 299€
  • Apple Watch 8: from 499€
  • Apple Watch Ultra: from 999€

Yes, everything has increased this year, even if the dollar prices do not move. The reason is simple, it is due to euro rate. Apple made its predictions with a euro equivalent to approximately 1.20 dollars, and, currently, a euro is worth a dollar. Don’t forget that American prices are displayed excluding taxes, with us, everything is displayed including VAT.

Pre-order Apple Watch SE at

Apple Watch SE: since it only does the essentials, what is the point of this connected watch?

Much like when the AirPods came out, there were a lot of critics of the Apple Watch in its early days. Then, now that the concepts of wireless headphones and connected watch are resonating well with the general public, criticisms are becoming rarer.

In our opinion, and this will seem strange to you, a connected watch is above all useful for its simplicity of daily use and… for disconnecting.

For everyday simplicity, this is easily explained: no need to take out your credit card, you pay with your wrist, to control your connected bulbs, watch the weather, manage your music on spotify… all these micro tasks for which you had to take out your smartphones become simpler.

As for the disconnection, you will see, it is quite logical. In 2022, many of us are addicted to our smartphone, spending more than 3 hours a day on it. Why ? Because each notification is likely to lead us into an infernal loop. Instead of just replying to a text, you’ll open Twitter, then Instagram, then a game…

On a Watch, you see your message, reply to it, and…that’s it.

Impossible to enter a loop that traps you in application algorithms designed for retention. For many people, it feels good.

Of course, there are other huge benefits. The Apple Watch pairs perfectly with an iPhone and serves, among other things:

  • to pay without touching very naturally
  • use Siri more intuitively
  • to find one’s way in the street thanks to the GPS
  • to have a follow-up jock particularly motivating (the small circles are very playful)
  • to follow also a lot of data from health thanks to the array of sensors
  • to offer all the advantages of a smartphone to a child without its drawbacks
  • at save the lives of the elderly calling for help in the event of a fall

In short, the uses are multiple and it is easy to understand the popularity of the machine.

Buy the Apple Watch SE 1 at 269€ on Amazon

Pre-order the Apple Watch SE 2022 from €349 on Fnac

iPhone 14 FAQs

How many iPhone 14 models are there?

As in previous years, Apple offers 4 smartphone models, each with very different characteristics. We start with the normal iPhone 14, with a 6.1-inch screen and two cameras on the back. This is the model that suits most users because it includes all the necessary elements, without frills. New are car crash detection, an upgraded A15 chip, Action Mode for ultra-steady videos, and satellite connection for emergency contacts, only available in North America.

Then, the iPhone 14 Plus is the brand’s new kid, or rather the big model. The mini version of last year’s iPhone 13 is over, giving way to a 6.7-inch screen for large format fans. Concretely, it is exactly the same as the iPhone 14, the only differences being the size of the panel and the size of the battery. According to Apple, the iPhone 14 Plus achieves the same level of endurance as the 14 Pro versions.

Now let’s move on to the iPhone 14 Pro, which goes upmarket and is aimed at those who want the maximum from their smartphone. We find a 6.1-inch screen with adaptive refresh, meaning that it can go up to 120 Hz for high fluidity, and go down to 1 Hz, which allows the arrival of an Always-On screen. This technology darkens the screen instead of turning it off completely when you lock the smartphone to continue to see important information such as the time or notifications. The notch disappears in favor of a pill that can adapt its size and shape depending on the activities in progress. Very ingenious. We also have a new, more powerful A16 processor and cameras that perform better in low light.

Finally, for those with big needs, big hands and a big wallet, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the best choice. It carries all the features of the iPhone 14 Pro, but with a 6.7-inch screen size and a bloated battery.

How much does the iPhone 14 cost?

We are not going to lie to each other, it is the subject that annoys. This year, the prices are not what will attract many people. While the prices in dollars remain the same across the entire range, it is indeed the rate of the euro and the taxes applied in France on technological products that are lacking in the iPhone 14.

Here are the prices for the four iPhone 14s, which vary depending on how much storage space you need:iPhone 14: from €1,019iPhone 14 Plus: from €1,169iPhone 14 Pro: from €1,329iPhone 14 Pro Max: from €1479

When is the iPhone 14 coming out?

The Apple keynote took place on September 7 and as usual, pre-orders are available soon after. We can therefore already pre-order the iPhone 14 from September 9 at 2 p.m.

For availability, all iPhone 14s arrive in Apple stores from September 16 in France, except for the iPhone 14 Plus, for which you will have to wait until October 7. This is probably because it is a new format and therefore requires an adaptation of the production chain.

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