Apple TV +: a trailer for season 2 of Wolfboy and the factory of the strange

Apple TV+ today released a trailer for season 2 of its series Wolfboy and the Strange Factory. It will debut on September 30 on the streaming platform.

The second season of the animated epic Wolfboy and the Strange Factory takes Wolfboy to a new realm beneath the Factory of the Uncanny where Nyx attempts to lure him to the dark side. Along with his Spryte friends and new allies, Wolfboy embarks on a quest to unite the forces of creation and destruction, and realizes that it’s his difference that makes him special—and that ultimately , it is the eccentrics and the dreamers who change the world.

Wolfboy and the Strange Factory is inspired by the work of visual artist Toff Mazery. The program is co-created by Edward Jesse, developed by Michael Ryan and produced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The public knows in particular Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an actor.

The second season of Wolfboy and the Strange Factory will land on September 30 on Apple TV. The streaming service remains vague regarding the number of episodes for the moment. For information, the first season had 10. Also, will we only have one episode on September 30 and then a new one every Friday or can we expect to have it all at once?

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