Apple subscription could arrive before the end of the year

Rumors have been circulating for months about a new subscription that Apple would develop to allow fans of the brand to use its products, without actually buying them. And if this new service was not finally mentioned during the keynote of September 7, it would nevertheless still be in the pipeline.

The Apple Insider site relays the latest newsletter from Mark Gurman, Bloomberg journalist, who again mentions this subscription. According to this source, the subscription would still be tested by the Cupertino company.

And its launch would be scheduled either for the end of 2022 or for 2023. If the firm did not mention this subscription during its keynote, it would be so as not to disrupt the launch of the iPhone 14 series.

It is also possible that the presentation of this hardware subscription at Apple will take place in October. Indeed, normally, the Cupertino company should organize another keynote next month, in order to lift the veil on new iPads and new Macs. As a reminder, unlike iOS 16 which is deployed this September, the new operating systems for Macs and iPads will not be deployed until October.

Apple: a new way to show that it cares about the planet?

First, an Apple subscription would provide fans with a new way to get the latest iPhone, iPad, or Mac. And given the macroeconomic context, such an offer would easily find takers. But besides that, this model could also be presented by Apple as a new way to reduce the impact of its products on the planet.

It should be noted that two brands have already preceded Apple, by launching subscriptions allowing users to have a smartphone: Fairphone, recognized for its ethical approach and respectful of the planet, as well as Nokia.

The Nokia subscription was also presented a few days before the Apple keynote. And it starts at 12 euros per month, to get a Nokia T10 whose value is 199 euros.

“Most people have a drawer full of old phones at home. It’s something we hope to change by giving people and businesses a way to get the most out of Nokia devices while leaving the smallest possible footprint on the planet.”explained Florian Seiche, CEO of HMD Global (the company that markets Nokia smartphones). “To do this, and to be truly circular, we take full responsibility for the entire lifecycle of our phones – not just ensuring they last longer in the hands of our fans, which has always been at the heart of our product design process, but also through manufacturing, reuse and recycling. »

Indeed, when a device is returned by its user, it can be reconditioned and then reused. And if the device is no longer usable, it is properly recycled by the company. – Official App

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