Apple Stores embrace iPhone 14 Pro with new Dynamic Island storefronts and more [Gallery]

The iPhone 14 lineup is now available for purchase at Apple Stores as the first pre-orders are also coming to buyers. Alongside this launch, Apple Stores around the world are adopting the iPhone 14 Pro design with new Dynamic Island window fixtures and other in-store design updates.

The headlining visual change for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max is the new Dynamic Island cutout on the display. Instead of the notch, the iPhone 14 Pro models have two distinct cutouts: one is shaped like a pill and the other is a punch. These two cutouts, however, are linked together in software to create the illusion of a larger cutout.

This design is called the dynamic island. Using software, it expands and contracts to display information from a number of different apps, ranging from Apple Maps to Apple Music and more. The design has proven to be slightly controversial, but it should improve with future iOS 16 updates.

To celebrate the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple Stores are embracing the dynamic island with new island-shaped window fixtures. Inside these Dynamic Island fixtures, Apple has each of the iPhone 14 Pro models on stands showcasing the colors and of course the new display design itself.

Pictures shared on Twitter by site friend Parker Ortolani show off the new window displays for the iPhone 14 Pro as well as the iPhone 14. You won’t see these window fixtures in every store just yet, but many major Apple stores have already adopted them.

In Apple Stores around the world, Apple has revamped its marketing and imagery to celebrate the new releases of the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and Apple Watch Series 8. You’ll see wall-to-wall artwork showcasing new products, new demo units, and more.

Apple Stores are embracing the iPhone 14 Pro with new

As pointed out Michael Steeber on Twitter, Apple has also fully rolled out a new Apple Watch fixture featuring new watch band colors. You can see the new band colors and grab one directly from inventory below.

Separately, Apple is also accelerating the rollout of a new design for Apple Watch demo units that raises them to eye level using polished stainless steel stands. As Steeber also reported in its Tabletops newsletter, this new pedestal design was trialled in select stores starting earlier this year and is now coming to more places alongside the launch of the Apple Watch Series 8.

These new stand fixtures replace the tabletop glass design that Apple used to showcase Apple Watch designs, colors, and finishes.

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