Apple settles dispute over App Store moderation

Kosta Eleftheriou has been known in recent months for calling out some of the App Store’s most egregious scams. But lately, it was he who was at the center of a story with Apple. Indeed, he sued the company in March 2021 alleging that his own app was unjustly rejected from the App Store and then targeted by scammers, resulting in a loss of money. The lawsuit was filed in California Superior Court in Santa Clara County.

It ended in a settlement agreement after court filings showed a request to dismiss the lawsuit, which The Verge said happened “earlier this summer.” The name of the victimized application is FlickType. It is a keyboard app which was based on swipe for the Apple Watch. For the record, Eleftheriou is an app developer and happens to be a former Pinterest engineer.


Eleftheriou’s Complaint

The complaint states that not only did Apple reject FlickType Apple Watch from the App Store, but it subsequently endorsed competing keyboard apps and others that used a built-in version of the FlickType keyboard to post to. the App Store.

Subsequently, when Eleftheriou’s app was allowed to re-enter the App Store, it was subject to early success. It was for this reason that she was the target of scammers. There was a wave of copy scam apps that tricked potential FlickType users. This caused a drop in turnover: $130,000 (130,437 euros) during its first month against $20,000 (20,067 euros) according to TechCrunch. Users prefer alternatives that have a higher rating. Eleftheriou’s accusation also relates to the fact that Apple did nothing to prevent all this.

Eleftheriou’s suggestions

Kosta Eleftheriou offers some suggestions in an effort to improve the App Store to avoid this kind of story in the future. According to him, Apple should be much more transparent about the reasons for removing an application.

Indeed, it would be convenient for the users as it would let them know how much they should be careful while browsing apps on the App Store. But we must not forget that Apple has already made progress on two elements since Eleftheriou filed its lawsuit. The first relates to the report button and the second relates to a change to the automatic subscription renewal system.



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