Apple. Reported iPhone 14 Pro bugs cause camera to slow and shake

At more than €1,300 per phone, these bugs are expensive for the image of the company. Since mid-September 2022, many videos posted on social media have shown iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone Pro Max issue causing the camera image to shake and cause a buzzing sound. More recently, other users have also reported some slowness in activating the camera viewfinder.

The problems appeared for a part of the users when they used third-party camera applications such as those of the social network TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram, among others. At least that’s what a video by Youtuber Luke Miani shows us, noted by BFM TV .

The origin of the bug still not established

The Apple company confirmed with the American television channel CNBC have become aware of the camera shake issue and announced that a software fix will be rolled out next week, likely through an update to its operating system.

However, responsibility for the technical problem is not clearly established at this time. The problem could also come from third-party apps, which could be responsible for rolling out the hotfix through updates on the App Store.

Finally, as pointed out by the British daily The Guardian the bug could be related to the phone’s optical image stabilization feature, which is supposed to counter the effects of a shaky hand.

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