Apple promo: AirPods Max have the best noise reduction and are even cheaper

News good plan Apple promo: AirPods Max have the best noise reduction and are even cheaper

Apple was strong when it released the AirPods Max. Unfortunately, the price that goes with it was far from a gift. Amazon is lowering the price of the headset to bring it back to a reasonable price.

AirPods Max under $500

Apple’s first and only headphones come after the phenomenally successful AirPods headphones. Design, excellent sound and harmony in the Apple universe, the only annoying point is the price. Active noise canceling headphones are getting more and more advanced and expensive, but Apple has raised the bar even higher.

Buy the AirPods Max for 451€ on Amazon

Initially sold for more than €600, resellers understood that the price had to be lowered to sell it, and that’s what Amazon did. They are now available at €499 in space gray, and only €451 for the white version.

Onion noise reduction for the AirPods Max

You know the AirPods, the headphones from Apple that we see everywhere. On the other hand, we see a little less the AirPods Max, the closed headphones with active noise reduction from the Cupertino brand. They cost more of course, but that’s a completely different use.

The design steps away from all other helmets on the market with this metal material. Aluminum makes the device heavier and more solid but above all gives a very classy appearance to the product. The mesh headband is classy, ​​and the headphones are magnetic and can be replaced very easily.

The sound is simply excellent, even if we can judge other competing models as being at the same level or even slightly superior. In contrast, for active noise reduction, only Sony’s XM5 can hope to compete with the AirPods Max.

The chip inside the helmet interprets the sounds picked up by the microphones and cancels them intelligently to end up in a bubble of music. What makes Apple’s strength in this area is that the feeling of pressure that one feels in the toes when the noise reduction is activated is almost non-existent. We feel comfortable.

It works very well but what is even more impressive is Transparency mode. This is the exact opposite of reduction, you can hear all around without removing the headphones.

Apple seamlessly integrates the AirPods Max into the ecosystem. They connect instantly and controlling them with your iPhone is a breeze.

Buy the AirPods Max for 451€ on Amazon

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