Apple: one of the flagship features of the iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch detailed in a video

News hardware Apple: one of the flagship features of the iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch detailed in a video

The Apple Keynote of September 7, 2022 kept all its promises (or almost), with the announcements of new apple products. The Apple Watch and the iPhone both have the right to a new feature which has just been detailed in a video by Apple.

Apple Keynote: surprises await you!

Last week (September 7, 2022), was held the long-awaited Keynote Apple, a conference in which Tim Cook, the CEO of the apple, announced the new products of the American giant. Many announcements were planned and the least we can say is that we were spoiled. iPhone 14, Apple Watch and AirPods Pro all had their moment of glory.

First, the successor to the late Steve Jobs and his teams have therefore chosen to present the new connected watches stamped Apple. Three models have been unveiled: Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE 2nd generation and Apple Watch Ultra.. This first part of the event was therefore an opportunity for the Cupertino company to unveil a brand new revolutionary feature: Car Crash Detection.

The latter was also announced later during the conference on the new iPhone 14 models. Even if the presentation had extended for a while on the ins and outs of this feature, it was still a little difficult to understand what it was going to look like in use.. But yesterday, we had the right to a Apple Support videowhich allows us to learn much more about this brand new system.

During the conference, we were able to discover this new Car Crash Detection feature which, as its name suggests, allows you to detect whether serious road accidents. During the Keynote, Apple said the system was able to take into account frontal, side, rear collisions and even rollovers (barrels). In addition, the Cupertino company also explained that this system would work with a large number of vehicles: sedans, SUVs, minivans, pickup trucks and any other vehicle.

As we explained above, Car Crash Detection will be compatible with Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation, Apple Watch Ultra, iPhone 14, 14 Plus, Pro and Pro Max. The American giant also specifies that if a serious car accident is detected, users must first refer to their connected watch (if it has one) and otherwise to their smartphone.

Now let’s talk about how Car Crash Detection works. When a serious car accident is detected, the user’s iPhone or Apple Watch displays an alert and triggers an alarm. If the user is able, they can call emergency services by dragging the Emergency call slider, or simply dismiss the alert. If it does not respond to the alert after 10 seconds, the device starts a new 10-second countdown. If he still does not answer, the device automatically calls the emergency services.

To work, Car Crash Detection relies in particular on the sensors of different devices such as theaccelerometer and gyroscope. Apple explains that the feature also relies on advanced motion algorithms.

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