Apple launched a digital key to open locks (and sales seem to be working)

It is called LevelLock+ and enters the growing smart lock market. By 2030, this sector could be worth $8.13 billion.

Apple has launched a digital key to open the locks

All doors can be opened with a single push. The new Apple feature designed by Level Home is a smart lock. This is the first Home Key supported lock sold in Apple Stores. It’s called LevelLok+, it costs $350, and it’s the next step in the digitization process the company has been carrying out for years.

How does LevelLock+ work?

Once installed, the front door can be opened or closed using Apple Home Key, a feature that takes advantage of NFC and Apple software security tokens. Users will be able to add the digital key to the Apple Wallet and simply use their devices (iPhone or Apple Watch) to lock and unlock the locks.

Not only. There is also the auto-lock function. On approach, the smart lock opens automatically by recognizing the paired device. You can also use voice commands and then ask Siri to lock or unlock the front door, and it’s also possible to share access with other Apple home users. Useful for easily opening the padlock to friends and relatives, it could potentially also become a practical solution for short-term stays on Airbnb, or, more generally, for rental services.

The growing market for smart locks

Smart locks have increasingly become a coveted accessory. So much so that according to the latest report from Gran View Research Inc, the smart lock market could reach $8.13 billion by 2030. The main growth drivers are found in the greater global internet penetration in all sectors, in the growing attention of consumers towards advanced security systems, towards home automation (or smart home), and the progressive dependence on applications that simplify daily processes is not lacking.

In fact, in addition to Home Key, Apple announced Car Key, capable of unlocking BMW and Hyundai cars, and Room Key, which inserts hotel keys into Apple’s Wallet app. The company is increasingly creating a network of interdependence on a daily basis. A ploy also to prevent users from choosing other brands for their devices.

You won’t be able to update your home key

Since Home Key’s debut in 2021, there has only been one lock model on sale in the United States, the Schlage Encode Plus. Smart home enthusiasts on the Reddit forums have long speculated which companies will may launch additional Home Key devices over the past year.

Negative rating. LevelvelLok+ will not update firmware on its old blocks to support Home Key. “We have no plans to perform a firmware update for Touch,” said Level CEO John Martin. “We needed to innovate the core part of the technology that is in the product to support house keys in a way that produces world-class locks. »

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