Apple Keynote: iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods Pro 2, what to expect?

This is the most anticipated keynote by fans of the started apple. Regulated like clockwork, Apple’s back-to-school conference was to be held on the first or second Tuesday of September, but it will finally take place on a Wednesday – for the first time in two years in person – with its share of announcements, including the new iteration of the iPhone, the 14.

Deprived of a Mini version, it should keep the Pro and Pro Max versions. A slightly larger version, with a 6.7-inch screen, is also anticipated and it would be called iPhone 14 Plus, according to echoes of the specialized site 9to5Mac. Year after year, rumors from Asia feed the chronicle and suggest the design of the brand’s iconic smartphone. Manufacturers of accessories, in particular protective shells, have demonstrated their ability to anticipate contours in order to launch industrial production and be ready to ship as soon as it becomes official.

Towards the end of the notch

The chassis of the new iPhones would thus take up the angular design of their elders. The big novelty would rather be to look for the side of the OLED screen and the notch which would finally undergo a weight loss treatment. In the absence of a punch like on Android smartphones for 4 years, this shelter for the front camera would evolve into a pill-shaped hole where the infrared camera and FaceID technology would nestle.

Note that these iPhones could well be the first to be “made in India” because the American manufacturer has decided to reduce its dependence on Chinese factories where wages tend to increase. Observers will also be attentive to the consequences of inflation on the launch prices of this new range.

Apple should also introduce the iOS 16 operating system for its next iPhones with new features such as the ability to edit an iMessage sent a little too quickly or to customize its device to the extreme.

Renewal for Apple Watch and AirPods Pro

According to Bloomberg, always well informed about Apple’s projects, three Apple Watches are planned. The Apple Watch Series 8 would feature better battery life and a built-in thermometer. The Apple Watch SE will have the right to a second generation and the best-selling connected watch in the world will have a “Rug” version, that is to say reinforced and dedicated to extreme sports.

Finally, the AirPods Pro, a great commercial success since their launch in 2019, will be updated with a new chip tailored for audio and a more stable Bluetooth connection. Last question: will Apple take the opportunity to give a quick preview of its highly anticipated mixed reality headset before devoting a real keynote to it later in the year?

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