Apple introduces iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Ultra

Everything increases my good lady! The size, first. Apple no longer wants to hear about the “mini” format: you will need XXL pockets to house the 6.7 “screen of the iPhone 14 Plus, and XXXL wrists to carry the 49 mm case of the Apple Watch Ultra. The price, then. Apple practices “maximum” prices: you will need deep pockets to carry the two thousand euros that your new phone will cost and a left hand that is unaware that the right hand is about to pay €999 for a watch It’s as if Tim Cook would like inflation to affect his company’s profits as well.

iPhone 14 Pro. Apple picture.

A very large and very expensive Apple Watch Ultra

The world’s most secretive company failed to prevent last-minute leaks that revealed everything about the Apple Watch Ultra. This model was to be the surprise of a range that is not one: the Apple Watch Series 8 looks like two drops of water to the Apple Watch Series 7, except that it embeds a temperature sensor , presented in particular as a way of improving the accuracy of menstrual cycle monitoring.

The data collected by the sensor in contact with the skin are compared to those collected by the sensor in contact with the screen to detect a rise in basal temperature, which may indicate a sudden fatigue or a small infection, but also and above all the period of ovulation. Apple is acting with its usual caution: the “Cycle Tracking” application allows you to study the cycle retrospectively, but will refrain from announcing a possible ovulation in real time.

Apple Watch Series 8. Apple picture.

Car crash detection complements fall detection, two of the only features, along with activity tracking, that remain available in the new power saving mode. By disabling the always-on display and most background tasks, it should double the battery life of the Apple Watch Series 8 to 36 hours.

The four aluminum shades and the three steel finishes are renewed, and are accompanied by a new collection of straps. The rumor was wrong about the renewal of the partnerships: Nike presents a new range of bracelets and offers its dials to all watchOS 9 users, and Hermès offers a new dial and two new bracelets evoking the equestrian activities of the house French.

The Apple Watch SE takes a step forward, taking up the chassis and chip of the Apple Watch Series 5, but also a step aside, with a nylon composite caseback. This plastic watch, or almost, is mainly aimed at children. Tech-savvy parents can pre-order this new model today for €299 and delivery from September 16th.

But let’s come to the Apple Watch Ultra, “the most resistant watch” ever designed by the Cupertino company. It takes the place of the Apple Watch Edition at the top of the range, and resumes its titanium case, while inaugurating a massively sporty appearance. Curves give way to edges, like those of the titanium ring and the sapphire layer that protect the 49 mm screen, “the largest ever built into an Apple Watch”.

Apple Watch Ultra. Apple picture.

The brightest, too, capable of putting out 2,000 nits to counter sun glare. Come evening, the new information-packed Wayfarer dial will turn red, so as not to dazzle nighttime activities. Apple has worked out every detail with the help of sportsmen and adventurers: the crown and the button are placed under the shelter of an imposing crown guard, but are easier to handle with gloves, and a touch ofinternational orange signals the new customizable “action button”.

The three microphones ensure perfect capture in the winds of the peaks, and the large speaker can ring out at 86 dB to signal you from 150 meters away. In addition to cellular networks, Apple Watch Ultra picks up L1 and L5 bands from GPS satellites to improve geolocation accuracy. Are you straying from the planned path? Your watch will automatically record a track, which will allow you to retrace your steps.

Apple presents three bracelets designed for as many activities. Avid hikers will use the one-piece fabric-layered Alpine Buckle, which fastens with a G-hook carved from a block of titanium. The fades of trail will prefer the slightly elastic textile strap, which tightens like a bag strap. But divers are spoiled.

Apple Watch Ultra. Apple picture.

Along with a tubular elastomer strap that can fit over a wetsuit, they’ll benefit from the Apple Watch Ultra’s enhanced water resistance, which can dive to 100 meters. Apple has tackled the EN13319 standard to certify its watch as a dive computer, which observes the descent and calculates the decompression stops.

And autonomy? The large case fortunately accommodates a large battery, which promises 36 hours of operation, and up to 60 hours with a new optimized mode which will be available in a few months. Apple opens pre-orders today for:

Shipments of the Apple Watch Series 8 will begin on September 16, and you’ll have to wait another week for the Apple Watch Ultra.


Apple Watch Series 8 turns up the heat

The new Apple Watch SE is 20% faster than the previous generation

The new Apple Watch SE is 20% faster than the previous generation

Apple Watch Ultra: a reinforced watch for €999

Apple Watch Ultra: a reinforced watch for €999

A very expensive and very large iPhone 14

The 5.4″ iPhone 13 mini is replaced by… the 6.7″ iPhone 14 Plus. The iPhone 14 is now the smallest phone in the range, or rather the smallest, with its 6.1″ screen. Both models use the same Super Retina XDR panel using OLED technology, which reaches a brightness of 1 200 nits and 2,000,000:1 peak contrast.The chassis is still crafted from aluminum, and the back is still carved from a panel of Ceramic Shield, available in two new colors.

The iPhone 14 comes in the usual three colors, plus a baby blue and a light purple, but still purple. Your servant appreciates.

In fact, progress has been modest. The iPhone 14 carries over the A15 Bionic chip from last year, but in the version with five graphics cores reserved for the iPhone 13 Pro. Both lenses still cap 12 Mpx sensors, whose photosites reach 1.9 μm to capture up to 49% more light. The True Depth camera, however, gains an autofocus system, and digital video stabilization is more efficient in the new “Action” mode.

The main novelties come from connectivity. Apple abandons the SIM card… in the United States. Americans were already using virtual cards on CDMA networks, and quickly adopted the eSIM standard. Above all, the iPhone 14 gains a satellite emergency call function. It is not a question of making phone calls at the top of Mont-Blanc, but rather of choosing from a few predefined messages, and pointing your phone towards the sky (and praying) for fifteen to sixty seconds.

Apple offers two years of connectivity, but this service will not be available until November, and only in the United States and Canada. Add a slightly brighter flash, a boosted accelerometer to detect car crashes, and you’re done with what’s new. The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus will be available for pre-order on Friday at the price of:

The rates have increased to such an extent that the Cupertino company now prefers to present the amount of the monthly payment in 24 instalments…

Apple acts on the split of the range: while the iPhone 13 Pro was not much more than a steel iPhone 13, the iPhone 14 Pro is noticeably different from the iPhone 14. A pill takes the place de l’encheche: this “dynamic island”, Jony Ive has obviously left the coordinates of his dealer to Alan Dye, blurs the lines between hardware and software. The sensors are placed behind the slab, and blended into an area of ​​unlit pixels.

The iPhone 14 Pro even comes in a bolder purple, proof that it’s a much better phone. Apple picture.

This essentially software pill can expand to form the call notification banner, to show the charge level, or even to keep the playback controls handy. It’s a neat way to hide the sensors, while connecting the two “ears” of the status bar, time on the left and battery on the right.

The contents of the “dynamic island” echo the “live activities” that take place on the home screen, which can now remain permanently lit, thanks to advances in LPTO controllers capable of refreshing the display only once. times per second. The iPhone 14 Pro thus behaves like an Apple Watch: the wallpaper is dimmed, the time and widgets remain clearly visible, as do the “live activities”.

The 6.1″ screen, which increases to 6.7″ on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, reaches 1,600 nits when reproducing HDR content and up to 2,000 nits under dodge. The A16 Bionic chip is in charge: engraved at 4 nm, it has two high-performance cores and four energy-efficient cores, as well as five graphics cores and sixteen cores dedicated to deep learning, but is not much more powerful than the chip A15 Bionic.

iPhone 14 Pro. Apple picture.

Above all, it incorporates a new image processing processor, which produces 12 Mpx images via a binning 2×2 of data from the new 48MP sensor (read: Everything you need to know about the pixel binning, the combination to improve the photos). The main camera has a 24mm seven-element lens, with an ƒ/1.78 aperture, and a second-generation sensor-shift stabilization system.

The other two devices, a 13mm ultra-wide-angle and a 77mm telephoto lens, retain their 12MP sensors. The entire photographic system benefits from new electronics and better optics to receive up to twice as much light – the more powerful flash will do the rest when it really misses. Like its little brother, the iPhone 14 Pro can connect to satellites and detect car accidents.

If the presentation is so early this year, it is because it adds a week of sales during the fourth fiscal quarter, and thus tempers the comparison with last year, when the full recovery of global activity had propelled the turnover of the Cupertino company to new heights. This context, to which must be added the inflationary surge and the parity between the euro and the dollar, explains the marked increase in prices:

iOS 16 and watchOS 9 available September 12

iOS 16 and watchOS 9 available September 12

iOS 16 and watchOS 9 available September 12

iOS 16 and watchOS 9 available September 12

The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, alone on their dynamic island

The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, alone on their dynamic island

AirPods Pro 2: stronger on noise reduction, stronger on sound

AirPods Pro 2: stronger on noise reduction, stronger on autonomy


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