Apple has the solution to no longer ruin you in the event of a broken screen

The iPhone 14s released this month don’t have it, but Apple has come up with a technology that allows the screen to repair itself in case of breakage. In any case, this is demonstrated by a patent filed by the company in the United States and which describes precisely how the firm intends to deploy this kind of system on a foldable slab, recalling its flexible smartphone ambitions already seen with other documents. upstream.

It is completely understandable to see Cupertino leaning into this type of mobile to experience such an advantage. Indeed, we know that the devices folding are more susceptible to damage than others because of their hinge. As it has to withstand many physical stresses, its opening and closing capacities are theoretically limited.

An elastic screen?

Although Apple is relatively sparing in technical explanations in this file registered with the USPTO (American organization responsible for the intellectual property of companies), we know that the group wants to do this using a layer ofelastomer. This means that the display would potentially be able to expand to absorb shock, similar to how your most resilient organs behave when faced with pistol bullets. Smart!

Unfortunately, as often in such cases, it is unlikely to see such an innovation soon arrive on our iPhones. Indeed, nothing indicates that Apple really wants to market a self-repairing mobile, especially when we know that this could cause it to lose revenue in AppleCare + services. Similarly, it is possible that the development of such technology is still difficult on a large scale, which nevertheless requires the market for iPhones sold by the millions every year.

A price still too expensive for many

Currently, if you want to change the screen of your iPhone 14 Pro Max, it will cost you 489 euros without having subscribed to AppleCare+ insurance or 29 euros deductible if this is the case. A price that drops to 338.99 euros for the classic iPhone 14, or to 185 euros for the third generation iPhone SE. And even for an old model like the first iPhone SE, the price is 165 euros. – Official App

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