Apple fixes a bug that caused the iPhone 14 Pro sensor to jitter

Apple is rolling out a new minor update: iOS 16.0.2. This fixes a bug causing shaking and strange noises on the main sensor of the iPhone 14 Pro in some third-party apps.

Some iPhone 14 Pro suffered from a bug affecting the stability of their main module on certain third-party applications // Source: Apple

Is your iPhone 14 Pro’s main sensor messing up Instagram and TikTok? As promised, Apple has done the necessary. In any case, this is what we discover when reading the iOS 16.0.2 release notes. Available for installation for a few hours, this new minor update of iOS 16 corrects a problem observed with the sensor of the iPhone 14 Pro since their launch.

On some third-party applications, such as Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat, their main module was shaking and could also emit a disturbing clicking noise, or even squeaks. A strange problem that Apple therefore seems to have solved at a software level.

A problem with the stabilization device of the main sensor

Observed since the debut of the iPhone 14 Pro on the market, on September 16, this bug probably affected the stabilization of the main sensor of the device, causing the inconveniences mentioned above. Relatively disabling and worrying, this problem bothered iPhone 14 Pro users for good reason. Apple reacted quickly, explaining that it was working on a fix that finally arrived just a week after the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro.

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In parallel with the correction of this bug, iOS 16.0.2 solves some additional inconveniences such as the black screen problem during the initial configuration of some iPhone 14, superfluous permission requests when copying and pasting between different applications, or still the bug making the VoiceOver tool unavailable after a restart.

iOS 16.0.2
iOS 16.0.2 has been available for a few hours on our iPhones // Source: iOS screenshot

Finally, note that the availability of iOS 16.0.2 is not necessarily obvious. If you are affected by one of the bugs mentioned here, a manual update search (Settings > General > Software update) may in some cases be useful to bring up the update.

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