Apple Fitness+ is now available without Apple Watch

It is today that Apple Fitness+ offers what is, probably, its biggest update since its beginnings in France. The service indeed becomes autonomous on iPhone with iOS 16.1 (beta 2), which means that it is finally possible to use the platform without having an Apple Watch connected, or even an Apple Watch at all. Practical, especially when you know that the new model costs the trifle of 499 euros at least.

Of course, without Apple Watch, there’s no need to rely on all the data collected by its sensors to help you during your workout. The wearable notably embeds a heart rate sensora pedometer, an accelerometer, a blood oximeter, an altimeter and even a thermometer since the arrival of the Series 8. Enough to seduce critics.

Same price

Unlike Apple Music’s Voice plan, which limits access to the app’s streaming catalog for less (4.99 euros per month instead of the usual 9.99 euros per month), Apple Fitness+ costs the same price with or without Apple Watch. You have to pay 9.99 euros per month to access it, or even a little less if you choose a bundled offer with also Apple Arcade and Apple TV +. For an Apple One Premium subscription (this is the only one integrating Apple Fitness+), the price is thus 28.95 euros per month.

Compatible sports

Apple Fitness+ is an app that offers video coaching for running, dancing, walking or even sheathing and cycling. But other less popular activities are also covered, such as guided meditation, yoga, back and hip stretches, and rowing. It is therefore better to be equipped with an Apple Watch in order to obtain more detailed statistics on the various efforts made, information that can then be transmitted to health professionals or personal coaches.

To learn more about Apple Fitness+, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated article by following this link. You will find the list of content offered in streaming as well as the conditions of access to the service, such as compatible devices. – Official App

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