Apple finally shares its gift guide for Christmas 2022!

Apple has decided to launch a gift guide for Christmas 2022. An idea that should make consumers happy.

The end of year celebrations are fast approaching. Apple has therefore decided to share a gift guide for Christmas 2022. A genius idea that should delight more than one. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Apple at the forefront of technology

There are always so many of you to follow news about Apple products. And this, for the simple and good reason that the famous apple is one of the most popular brands.

Last September, it was also unanimous with its fans by unveiling a brand new device. An overpowered and ultra-resistant iPhone. But if the Cupertino company gave everything for its latest smartphone, the latter had already won unanimous support from users with the previous model.

The reason ? This was one of the first on the market to have such incredible storage capacity. If the basic version is able to contain up to 128 GB of data, it seems that the pro and pro max versions, on their side, can store up to 1 TB of files.

Unheard of in the world of mobile telephony. Samsung better watch out, Apple is ready to do anything to create a buzz. Especially since the company founded by Steve Jobs had not bet everything on this advantage. Quite the contrary. Indeed, this iPhone was also of extraordinary resistance.

The contours of this smartphone are stainless steel or aluminum depending on the model chosen. In addition, a special notch has also emerged at the True Depth camera lens. The goal ? Protect the Face ID tool when dropped.

A tool that will now be directly integrated under the phone screen in order to get as close as possible to Steve Jobs’ vision of his creation. MCE TV tells you more about Apple!

Apple finally shares its gift guide for Christmas 2022!
Apple finally shares its gift guide for Christmas 2022!

A gift guide for Christmas 2022

So you will understand, Apple is unanimous among users. And the least we can say is that American society is aware of its influence.

So that with the approach of the end of year celebrations, she could not miss a unique opportunity. That of revealing, for the first time, a gift guide for Christmas 2022.

A brilliant idea that should make many buyers happy. “This year for the holidays, give them stars in their eyesindicates the apple.

With the gifts offered by the group, you should be sure to please. So you have the choice between the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro. But also second-generation AirPods Pro and Apple Watch.

In addition, you can also opt for the MacBook Air, iPad Air, standard iPad and the all-new Apple TV 4K. And if your goal is simply to offer “little touches”the firm has planned everything.

Eh yes ! As the firm points out, there is so many reasons to buy from Apple ». Moreover, the apple has even chosen to extend the period for returning orders. Santa Claus will make people happy!

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