Apple confirms continued iMessage and FaceTime outage [U]

Update: This outage appears to have been short-lived. iMessage is coming back online for most users. Apple has yet to comment on what happened. Original story below. We will continue to monitor.

Meanwhile, Apple has updated its System Health Dashboard to recognize that users are experiencing issues with iMessage and FaceTime.

Apple’s iMessage is experiencing an outage this afternoon, according to a number of affected users. The outage appears to have started shortly after 12 a.m. ET and is affecting users across the United States. Apple has not yet acknowledged that iMessage is down or provided an update.

iMessage is down

Apple tracks the status of its various online services and features through a dedicated system status dashboard. This dashboard has not yet been updated to recognize the ongoing iMessage outage. Often, Apple is criticized for not updating the system status dashboard promptly in the event of a major outage. This leaves users wondering if it’s just them or if it’s Apple itself that has the problem.

According to data aggregated by DownDetector, iMessage crash is quite widespread. Complaints from iMessage users began to spike shortly after 12 a.m. ET / 9 a.m. PT and haven’t slowed down since then. That being said, no all the user is affected by the breakdown, so your mileage may vary.

A quick twitter search shows how widespread this failure is. Notably, this follows a major WhatsApp outage that affected users yesterday.

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