Anne-Sophie Lapix’s radical decision in the face of the torrent of insults

The star of the 20 hour news from France 2 changed in 2017. Gilles Bouleau gave way to Anne-Sophie Lapix at the start of the school year in September. The journalist quickly proved herself: the audiences soared and made the good days of France Télévisions. Yes, but here it is, satisfying the bosses does not protect against the blunders and errors that public opinion is happy to pin on social networks like Twitter.

The year after her arrival, Anne-Sophie Lapix had the misfortune to refer to World Cup football players as “millionaires running after a ballThis expression, borrowed from Pierre Desproges, has earned him countless criticisms and insults from viewers, but not only. Journalism has also attacked it: “The next morning, declaration of war on social networksshe says in Society. I’ve never seen that. Every new second, thousands of people insulted me. Sometimes even the sports journalists that I knew a little. It was really violent” Faced with the wave of hatred and criticism towards her, Anne-Sophie Lapix decides to suspend her Twitter account: “It was no longer possibleshe says. In fact, the second degree or humor, it does not pass at all when you are at 8 p.m..”

This newspaper, which she has been running for more than five years now, Arthur Sadoun’s wife almost said goodbye to him. A few hours ago, the National Union of Journalists affirmed that “departures were announced“concerning the 8 p.m. news. Among them, that of Anne-Sophie Lapix. A rumor quickly dismantled by Delphine Ernotte, president of France Télévisions with the Cultural Affairs Commission of the National Assembly: “I am very happy to have Anne-Sophie Lapix at 8 p.m. [Elle] holds a 20 hours which has never been so high, we are very happy.“This is enough to reassure the main interested party!

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