Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine’s revelations about certain blacklisted stars!

The show C à vous is still well known for his rumors of blacklisting of certain stars. Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine wanted to give her version.

A program that mixes culture, news and gastronomy

The filming of C à vous takes place in a loft. Also, Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine has several discussions that must remain fluid. Most often, a starred chef prepares a meal for the whole table.

However, C to you should change formula after the start of the school year, to become an even more interactive show with the guests. The host therefore announced that the mode of operation of the show was going to be changed.

The whole team will now stay on set until the “Vu” is to say around 8:15 p.m. This makes it possible to flesh out “L’œil de Pierre” by offering a kind of “notebook”, that is to say one or two pieces of information each of the columnistsdepending on your preferences.

The first part is very dense!

For Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine, C à vous must remain a place of debate, and leave room for certain improvisations.

We want to afford a little extra band until 8:12 p.m. We don’t want to have rigid rubrics that the guest watches as a spectator

But while the show keeps innovating, it’s still the target of rumors, in particular on its political line. Indeed, some commentators believe that C à vous tends to censor certain personalities.

C to you: Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine wants to give everyone a voice

The show is often the subject of heavy criticism. Patrick Cohen, columnist for C à voushas even been called a servant of power.

However, it is enough to look at the history of the politicians who participated in the emission to qualify this theory.

Thus, C à vous does not close the door to any party. Whether it’s Eric Zemmour or Jordan Bardella (from the Rassemblement National), the team knows how to remain neutral and interact with all the guests.

It's up to you team

On the blacklist, no! No way ! Nicolas Dupont-Aignan came back last season and it went very well. Éric Zemmour came last season.

We would like to receive Marine Le Pen one day. Jordan Bardella has come a considerable number of times.

The choices made in C à vous are clear: allow all opinions to be expressed in a serene setting.

He knows he is dealing with serious people, who are not aggressive. There is no clash with the National Rally.

The C à vous team has been arrested repeatedly by the public, because Marine Le Pen has never participated in their program. On this point, Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine ensures that the refusal comes from the president of the RN.

It's up to you

So far, she has not responded. It’s not really about denial. Once on the air, Jordan Bardella began to talk about the hostility of certain journalists towards him.

What Patrick Cohen retorted: If she is afraid of journalists, she shouldn’t be president. So. But I’m not sure that’s the only reason she’s not coming.

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