an AR/VR headset capable of seeing things invisible to the naked eye?

Apple’s mixed reality headset has yet to be introduced, but is already the subject of several rumors. The latest comes from the brand itself, which has just filed a patent for AR/VR technology capable of seeing elements invisible to the naked eye.

It looks like something you might see in a sci-fi movie, but it’s not. Apple has filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office for technology for its extended reality devices that would “see the invisible”.

A mixed reality headset that goes beyond the human eye

Apple has just unveiled a new mixed reality feature that would allow the user to visualize “phenomena not visible” to the naked eye, such as gas, sound or even waves. Data would then be collected by various sensors present on the device which would transcribe this information so as to make it visible to the user.

#Apple is preparing a mixed reality #headset that goes beyond the human eye…

Patent showing technology capable of detecting an invisible ultrasonic fence – © Patently Apple

The electromagnetic signals detected could for example be those of a Wi-Fi network. The visualization of an air flow could correspond to that of a CMV. It would also be possible to identify the sound of an object obscured by other physical objects. A technology made possible by the integration of special sensors into the devices concerned.

Indeed, Apple specifies on its patent around mixed reality not only concerns helmets, but also projection-based systems, car windshields with integrated displays or even contact lenses. So many examples that show the enormous potential that the use of this type of technology could have, especially in the professional world.

An integration on the first mixed reality headset from Apple?

As always with this type of patent, they do not always translate into immediate integrations into marketable products. Everything is of course to be taken with the tweezers of rigor. Indeed, these technologies being still at the prototype stage, there is little chance that Apple will integrate them into its first AR / VR headset expected for 2023.

However, Apple leaves a few clues about its future helmet, the name of which we already know. Or rather the names. The American giant has already filed three: Reality One, Reality Pro and Reality Processor. This suggests that the company is preparing at least two helmets, one of which is more expensive than the other, as is already the case with the brand’s “Pro” products.

Among the other indiscretions, we could also mention the patents filed around “VR gloves” to accompany its virtual reality helmet. Again, there is no guarantee that they will be presented at the same time as the helmet. Touted as the “most revolutionary product after the iPhone” by some analysts, Apple’s mixed reality headset could be extremely expensive, making it a technological demonstration rather than a product intended for the general public.

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